Read and Heed!

There are always signs that remind us of policies and rules wherever we go. It seems that it has become a routine to remind all of us as to what is or what isn’t allowed. It should come as no major surprise to anyone reading or visiting here that Aaron, my spouse, and I have one posted on the front door of our condominium that reads identical to the one above. Aaron found it at a conference that he attended shortly after we got married in 2015.

Before we hung it on our front door, we did have the courtesy to ask the woman who lives across from us if she had any objection to it being hung on our door. Nancy (her name) being typical Nancy remarked “as long as it doesn’t apply to me, I have no problem with it.” Our “Nudist Area” sign now greets anyone coming to visit us.


It goes without saying that we do strongly encourage all of our guests to kindly step inside our front door before they begin disrobing. Aaron and I want to stay on good, friendly terms with Nancy, our neighbor across the hall, and would not want to subject her to any bare buttocks (or more).

When we first hung up our sign, it was an instant success with almost all of our friends, the majority of them bare practitioners themselves. Everyone’s first question was always “Where did you get it?” Aaron has constantly regretted not buying at least a dozen for us to sell to anyone who asked!


Our door sign not only makes any uninvited guest at our door think twice before they even try to let us know that they’re there, but it also alerts all visitors (invited or uninvited) not to be surprised if either Aaron or myself answer the door nude.

This has never been a problem in our condominium building. There are only two units on each floor and our building is only three levels high. Aaron and I live on the top level. Our building is secure, so entry is gained only with a key. Whenever anyone comes to visit us, they must depress a button located beside the entrance that both makes a noise as well as flashes the lights inside our condo. We then go down to open the door for guests.


Several weekends ago, I saw an advert for the above glass shower doors set. Knowing Aaron’s pride in having our door sign, I shared the information with him and mentioned that we should buy a set and replace our current plain glass doors. He looked at the photo and then the price. He passed the brochure back to me and remarked: “We don’t need these. First, anyone in the shower is already naked. Second, neither of us need to be reminded to be bare because we always are!” 

So much for my ideas on home improvements. Yes, it is a redundant item to purchase. I get that. But his “nudist area” door ornament was absolutely necessary? Oh well, no one ever said married life was always blissful!

On second thought, it’s funny how a society that actually frowns on nudity always has a new item to convince bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) to part with their money. I guess their thinking is that we have plenty of discretionary funds as we don’t invest in clothing!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

11 thoughts on “Read and Heed!”

    1. Aaron is most assuredly NOT business oriented! I’m certain there is someone, somewhere, who showers while clothed. They’re just not the type of people I ever want to meet. Naked hugs, my Kenyan brother!


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