Earth Day, 2018 Weekend!

By now, almost all of us are familiar with the image of a person hugging a tree representing environmentalists. It is used by many as either a positive identifier or else as a derogatory graphic. As we become better acquainted with the knowledge and effects of global warming, this image also serves as a reminder of the fragile relationship between our environment and humanity. This same picture accurately depicts the primary message of the entire Earth Day movement: This is our world, we all need to work together to protect it. 

EarthDayLogoThroughout the world, people, organizations and governments will be celebrating Earth Day this weekend. As the actual date of Earth Day (April 22) is on Sunday, the entire weekend is conveniently being utilized to enjoy Earth Day activities. Numerous environmentally-friendly foundations and non-profit groups have designated this year as a major initiative both for educational and outreach purposes.

Earth Day this year takes on a special significance in light of the current political climates (no pun intended). Several national governments have or are considering withdrawing support of global initiatives designed to curb significantly the effects of emissions and global warming. These moves are causing serious concerns among scientists, environmentalists and academics all across our planet.

I would like to encourage everyone visiting here to join in their local area Earth Day observances this weekend. This is the only planet that we have and the time is upon us all to make every effort to try and save it for future generations to enjoy. Visit your local event to discover additional ways that you can help conserve our planet! To find an Earth Day activity in your locality, enter Earth Day and your vicinity into your browser.

For additional information on Earth Day, click onto the title below:

Earth Day


Bare Practitioners Support The Environment:

  1. By reducing the number of clothing items they soil, we are reducing the amount of soiled detergent and phosphates absorbed by the water supply.
  2. Time spent outdoors equals a reduction in air conditioning needs indoors.
  3. Due to the amount of time that we spend in nature, we’re inclined to clean up after ourselves and reduce our impact on our natural resources.
  4. We pride ourselves in being responsible stewards of our environment.

The above list is not exclusive and by no means infers that all non-bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) advocate the destruction of our planet. 

Happy Earth Day, 2018!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “Earth Day, 2018 Weekend!”

  1. Excellent article, yet an extremely important cause! Earth is the only planet we know which without any doubt, is able to sustain human, animal, bird, sea, and plant life. All the other planets which scientists find in the universe and say may be able to sustain life as we know it, are still being studied. Therefore it’s a safe bet to assume that no one living today or in the next generation will be traveling to some sort of “Earth 2” soon – at least without wearing protective gear, anytime soon.
    Now, what to do about all that human and animal farts, skunk odor, and the foul stench emitted from the factory processing of sugar beets! Ewww! 🤨
    Naked hugs and a gentle tug, my naked buddy!

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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the world’s leaders take too seriously the concerns of earth’s survival. Too many of them have their heads wrapped around the concept of greed. Thanks, Renzo, for reading and commenting here! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug back to you, my nude brother!

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