ReNude Pride This Week

This week is the final week of June, 2018. It is also the last week of  2018 GLBTQ Nude Pride Month. I am making a slight change in my publishing schedule for this week so as to accommodate all the necessary posts that should be covered before we begin a new month. This revised schedule is effective this week only, as hopefully, afterwards, I can return to the usual Monday and Friday posting routine. If anyone finds the time this week, please read the posts here. I will publish (today) this post, Wednesday (National HIV Testing Day), Thursday (annual Stonewall Riots anniversary), Friday (monthly Reflections post) and Saturday (Bottom’s-Up!).


I sincerely hope that all of you will be able to access as many of the posts as possible. I know everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere experiences the accelerated pace of the 2018 Summer season. As winter settles into the the Southern Hemisphere, please don’t feel alienated. It won’t be long for your spring/summer seasons to return to your shores.


For this post, I’d like to honor to those who, through their clothes-freedom, share their own belief in Nude Pride. At the risk of appearing arrogant, our being bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) is much more than just parading around without clothing. It is our confidence in our natural selves and our comfort in being our natural selves that allows us to express this essence for all the rest of the world to see. This form of “pride” is, perhaps, the most visible communication of pride available.


Our nakedness, especially when among the textile (clothed) multitudes, is not only immediately apparent, it is more than likely the focus of the attention of everyone and also the sole attribute that will earn the most scorn and negative judgment. People are often quick to condemn what they don’t understand and as a member of bare culture, I know that ours is, more often than not, the most misunderstood and marginalized of all the cultures in the world.

People assume that all persons who openly enjoy clothes-freedom are nothing more than narcissistic exhibitionists who only exist to experience one hedonist orgy after another. There may be some people who fit that stereotype, but they are far from the majority. By and large, the majority of bare practitioners are “normal” people who simply prefer to live without the burden of clothing. Our appreciation of nudity and body positivity is simply our willingness to accept and to love ourselves as we are without the pretense of accessories and fashion.


If we trust and love ourselves the way that we are, then that esteem will follow us out into the world that doesn’t understand us nor has any desire to do so. The world that likely condemns us and disrespects us. That same esteem will be our source of strength and power to be ourselves and continue with our pride in who we are, no matter what others may think.


A thumbs-up! gesture of support for GLBTQ Nude Pride, not only during the month of June but for all 365 days of every year!

“I’m not a prude. When (filming) on the set, they call me ‘Butt Naked.'” ~ actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. ~


Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

4 thoughts on “ReNude Pride This Week”

  1. I love it! I’m sitting here naked (as usual when I’m home) working on a few blog articles. I had to stop to take a break, stretch my legs then read some of the blog articles from the wonderful people I follow. As you know Roger, I LOVE being nude. I was born and meant to be that way! I could go and on about the healthy benefits of nudity. You already know where I stand on that issue, g.
    Another great article! Thanks for the continued reNUDE pride and inspiration!
    Naked hugs and a gentle tug, my friend! 😎

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