Dive Into August!

It’s now or never, folks! Let’s get ready because before we all know it, there’s a very massive change approaching and time is running out. The clock is already ticking and the next we know, it will be the beginning of Autumn, 2018! There, I wrote the unspeakable! Today begins the first day of the final full month of Summer, 2018. Next month, the seasons will change and this one will be over. History. Past. For a summer-freak as myself, the days of doom and gloom are upon us all.


Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal, at least, not yet. I don’t believe I could ever kill myself during the summer months – I’d be too afraid of all the fun that I’d miss! Besides, early Autumn is a time I consider tolerable. I can handle a slight cooling of temperatures and a few minutes less of daylight each day. But realistically, I dread having to witness the end of the official summer season.


So rather than be caught with your pants on and no place to skinny-dip (swim naked), take the plunge while the weather is still fine and seasonable. Get outside and do something daring: skinny-dip, take a bare hike, host a nude cook-out, dance nude or organize a game of naked volleyball in a local park. In other words, do something completely clothes-free before it’s too late!


Even if it’s as simple as reading a book while nude, get out and experience nature naturally, without the restriction of clothing or any other covering (except sunscreen)!  All of us deserve some “free” time to sit back, take a break and relax. An escape from the stress and pressures of life in the 21st Century. Find some time to refresh and recharge yourself this month and these days are gone forever.

With an entire month ahead, take the time to plan a friendly pot-luck picnic. Invite some of your best buddies, ask each to prepare their best covered dish of food, and let everyone know that you’ll be picnicking clothes-free in the great outdoors. If there are no convenient open spaces near you, it can be a road trip. Follow one another in automobiles and find a secluded spot where all can comfortably strip out of their clothes and enjoy a meal together and not soil their clothes with those messy condiments.


There’s no trouble in organizing an outdoor meal and with everyone contributing to the menu, there’s no burdening of one person in food preparation. The tidying up afterwards is simple with a trash bag and throw away utensils and dinnerware. Easy and uncomplicated and it is guaranteed to have your friends talking about this outing at least until next Easter.

If anyone has a “Twister” game, ask them to bring it along. This game is always fun to play when bare. The contortions that the players sometimes have to assume makes for some very interesting situations, especially without clothes! After the picnic and clean-up, a deck of cards is all that’s needed to engage everyone into a reverse game of “Strip Poker.” Instead of taking off an article of clothing, players are only allowed to put back on an item of clothing, one at a time. A clever way to end an afternoon of fun!

Don’t forget to bring along your camera! Priceless memories of bare fun in the sun!


Author’s Note: A clothes-free picnic is a great way to introduce friends to social nudity. A picnic is a non-threatening way for everyone to relax and get comfortable being together without clothing. Be prepared to be asked to plan an additional clothes-free gathering by those who especially enjoyed being nude. The weather may be cooler so you may want to consider hosting the next one yourself or jointly with another friend. Halloween may be an ideal time for a follow-up social. Body-paint on bare skin instead of costumes makes it fun with guests being paired with one another to “create” a piece of living art!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

6 thoughts on “Dive Into August!”

  1. As the temps linger in the 90s here in PDX, I’ve been lingering longer clothes free during my day. Sleeping nude and then strolling through the condo naked, killing time before showering. The same for my post workout shower time in the afternoon.
    I’m sure my neighbors have gotten quite a show, I recently bare-ly caught myself before wandering naked into my patio to water plants!
    Loved the suggestion to read nude – something I do often by circumstance – because it reminds me of Will’s indulgent little habit from Will & Grace.
    Lastly, I chuckled when reading about your potluck picnic idea…covered dishes brought by uncovered dishes!

    Liked by 2 people

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