Let’s Get Bare!

If a man is removing his socks, then you just know for certain, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is serious about becoming nude. There is absolutely no way to misinterpret his intentions. This dude wants clothes-freedom right now! If you are in his presence I strongly recommend that you get busy and strip off your gear (clothing), too! Don’t even think about remaining dressed and waiting for a gentle and polite invitation. As promoted in the footwear commercial advertisement: “Just do it!” 

For those of us who are currently bare practitioners (naturists and/or nudists), this is no issue. We have no problems removing our clothing and visiting with anyone. As a matter of fact, for the vast majority of us, it’s automatic and we don’t need either an invitation or a reminder to do so. It must be ingrained into our genetic make-up.


Yet for others, especially those who were raised in a non-nude friendly environment, the mere thought of removing their clothing makes them uncomfortable. More than a few same gender loving (gay) and bisexual (gender fluid) men are not at all confident about their own nudity and unsure of themselves regarding social nudity (being clothes-free in the company of others). These feelings may be based on myths and stereotypes that they were taught about their own nakedness and about being seen nude by others.

As a tool of helping those who are curious about nudity or interested in trying nudity, I’ve added another page here at ReNude Pride just for you. I created this page late this past July, 2018, and posted the first time there August, 1, 2018. The tile of the page is Nudecentric Briefs. Click the title to be linked to the page.

On this page I’ll be offering some ideas and suggestions for the inquisitive to follow in order to become comfortable being bare without having to wonder about “Now that I’m nude, what do I do next?” A step-by-step approach to acclimating both mind and body to the practice of being clothes-free. As most of us had to adjust to the feel of as well as the actual wearing of clothes or covering, this process allows us the opportunity to adjust to the reverse, the feel of being without clothing gradually so as not to be traumatic.


More than a few same gender loving (gay) and bisexual men are uncomfortable about social nudity. Most of this discomfort stems from the fear (imagined or real) that by being in the company of other bare (nude, naked) bisexual and gay men, they are revealing their sexuality (as same gender loving) to those who may not respect their confidentiality (keep a secret). If these individuals are that deep inside their own closet (about their sexuality and their interest in nudity), then perhaps social nudity is not for them. Once they’re comfortable in their own skin (no pun intended) and are truthful to themselves, then maybe is the time for them to explore social nudity.

The suggestions for bare beginners are designed in incremental stages beginning with being clothes-free around the home and graduating to outdoor social nudity. The ideas are presented in sequential order but do not necessarily need to be followed in order. This is simply a guide to follow to offer as format for discovering each person’s own level of comfort. For some, the page itself may be redundant.

Most persons already know how to strip off our clothes. We learn this at a very early age and many of us do this every day prior to taking a bath or a shower. What causes some people anxiety is what to do after they remove all their clothing. Just sitting around bare without actually doing anything is a major obstacle for some. Admiring our own nudity is fine for starters but gets boring after a few minutes. Few of us are that narcissistic, well, perhaps more than just a few but not many who are willing to acknowledge it.

That is the rationale for creating and maintaining the new page, Nudecentric Briefs. To provide a resource for those who want to explore nudity in a step-by-step manner without an official timeline. A safe space that affords them the confidence to segue into social nudity within their own personal comfort level. No judgments and no pressure to be comfortable publicly bare by some arbitrary date. Each individual progresses at their own pace.

Click on the links above to visit the new page here, another resource for ReNude Pride. My plan for this particular page is to add a new idea or suggestion on a monthly basis, usually during the first week of the new month. Also, a reminder to look at all of the other resource pages attached with this site. Only you choose the limit as to how bare you become!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride





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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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