Bare Humor

Before any inundates me with negative comments, no, I am not laughing at the fact that people are bare (naked, nude)! Well, yes I am if the situation is funny but as to ridiculing anyone just because they are clothes-free? Never. That’s a very emphatic n-e-v-e-r! Never! But there are times when we bare practitioners (naturists/nudists) find ourselves in predicaments that are strange, unusual and funny! That’s what this post here is all about. The levity of life as a person who practices nudity, whether alone or as a social nudist.

24 hour nudist camp. We never clothes

Nude-toon #1: Pun on the words “close” and “clothes.”

There are numerous cartoons (nude-toons) that circulate among the bare practicing community that cause us all to smile and chuckle. As with the rest of humanity, we often find ourselves enjoying the humor that others may create directing the brunt of the joke against our clothes-free way of life. Most of this is both harmless and humorous as we ourselves acknowledge and admit. As the above nude-toon suggests, a 24-hour nudist camp would never be “closed” nor “clothed.”

We laugh sometimes at the way the rest of the world sees us, the bare community. We see the humor as they try to understand our situation and our way of life.


Clothes-freedom and body-freedom are the themes explored in the above “Dennis The Menace” cartoon. Freedom is about our way of life and our preference to living our lives independent of the ostentatious pretension of any type of false covering (clothing). This is shown in Dennis’ explanation to his friend, Joey, of their friend, Margaret, walking out the door into the world, clothes-free.

A true bare practitioner understands the subtler message of any person’s freedom to live their life true to themselves. Of the freedom to actually and honestly be themselves, no matter what the rest of the neighborhood (world) thinks. The logo in the upper left corner explains: Social nudity: Bringing people together. Has anyone ever met and unfriendly nudist?


The above nude-toon offering is probably the one that needs the least amount of explanation. Anyone who has ever encountered barbed-wire will always remember it as an experience in extreme patience and caution. A moment in being careful can seem an eternity to the person being cautious and any bystander. One careless slip and then a very unpleasant “ouch” (or worse)! I think we can all imagine the expletives!

If one is a bare practitioner, this is one that reverberates horror and humor for us all. To those unfamiliar to nudity, barbed wire is an item we can all identify with pain.


Humor is a uniquely human trait that unites us all, especially when the emotion is shared by many, regardless of our circumstances and situations. Whether it is a subtle chuckle or grin or a full-belly laugh that brings tears, funny is an emotion that is universal to us all. It transcends languages and cultures. It even crosses over the clothing divide and entertains both the bare and the textile (clothes-wearers).


We all feel the joy of being happy. Humor helps us to share a moment of happiness by enabling us to laugh at our humanity and to take pride in being ourselves!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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