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Nude entertainment always sells. It’s a very lucrative business as millions of people every day fork over their money just to see the live nudity of someone they don’t even know and will probably never meet. Anonymous gratification of humanity’s obsession with sexual expressivity. Now that most people pay for their entertainment via credit card, I’m not too certain as to how anonymous the entire procedure truly is anymore or even if it was anonymous ever. However, that thought is outside the scope of this post.

The fact remains that bare entertainment is a very profitable enterprise that employs many and is enjoyed by multitudes. No matter is it is a dance review climaxed with full- frontal nudity as demonstrated in the leading image (above) or an onstage dramatization of a popular play, nakedness sells tickets and money is what fuels the industry. It’s an economic equation that has fueled the industry for centuries.

Very few have the audacity or courage to allow others to see them clothes-free, but they are more than willing to pay their money to watch others prove their body pride. It doesn’t even have to be the full-frontal nudity that the audience sees before it. All that needs to entertain is the bare body or its’ illusion.



It isn’t just the same gender loving or the bisexual communities that pay for bare entertainment. The heterosexual (opposite gender loving) community consumes a fair share of the entertainment market as well. I guess perhaps everyone feels that as long as it is “someone else who is bare, it is fine with me.”  Especially when it is what some label as “legitimate” entertainment – that is, non-sexual and not graphic. The pretense or illusion of being “family-friendly” hasn’t entirely disappeared from this country’s cultural landscape – yet! But I imagine it is absolutely on the decline, given the rantings of our current chief of state and the unexplained silence of our moral and religious leadership on the subject.

And that brings us to the next topic of this posting here on ReNude Pride. Entertainment of the bare but sexual aspect of our humanity. Specifically, pornography. Even more specifically, man-to-man or same gender loving (bisexual or gay) entertainment.



Most people don’t like to acknowledge that they actually watch pornographic materials. Even fewer admit to paying or buying for the opportunity to view it. Yet someone has to dig into their wallets or purses or whatever because it (the pornographic entertainment industry) may not be traded as such on the major stock market exchanges but it is a remarkably profitable enterprise. That’s the major reason that it’s still in business all these many years.

I have no problem admitting the fact that I have watched adults only (translation: explicit content or porn) DVD’s and I have bought quite a few (more than one) of them. I’ve even frequented gay adult motion picture venues. Although, I’ve never visited one with my current husband. Not that he has any puritanical beliefs, we’ve simply never felt inclined to do so. He has been in his past, like me. We’ve just never done so together.

Does pornography even fit the classification of “bare entertainment?” That is a question for minds far more developed than my own. I understand the educational value of porn, such as how not to mistreat a partner or how not to cheat on your spouse/lover/partner, etc., but porn as entertainment? What’s the purpose aside from watching others doing unto others what many wish would be done to them?

Except that most of the time they’re all clothes free but that isn’t always a given. There’s plenty of porn with people doing their deeds with their clothes on. So really, the “bare” criteria isn’t mandatory or even applicable.

So maybe the statement  “nudity sells” isn’t true. Sex sells. Nudity captivates.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

15 thoughts on “Bare Entertainment”

  1. Ok, I want front row seats to *that* Steve Grand show! 😈😈😈
    I’ve seen plenty of porn, scores of strippers – someone once said that the best thing about Portland is that it’s the only state where you can have a completely naked dancer within arms reach of your beer – gratuitous nudity in scars of films and more than a few plays with Monty’s aplenty.
    I’m certainly not immune to it, but I have to say that I’m definitely more in the “allure of nudity” group than the “sex sells”. I tend to be more appreciative of a healthy physique versus sexualizing a nude person. Nudity in plays tends to also contribute more to the story of the characters versus nudity in movies, where it seems more like scenery.
    If that makes any sense. 🤓

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  2. I have stripped twice on stage and it’s actually lots of fun. There is something about taking your clothes off in front of a crowd that it’s both shit balls scary and amazingly fun at the same time.

    And I’m with above Steve grand 😍😈😍😈

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  3. Oh, my. I guess it’s time to get a laptop with a better screen as I’d no idea that was Steve Grand. Now I def need to see him in concert, lol.

    Stripping on stage would be a logical next step in stepping out of my comfort zone. However, my music/movement skill is exactly zero so the only reason I’d be on stage nude would be if I were interpreting at a nude event. So if anyone knows of one, please let me know:-)

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    1. I’ll keep that in mind. There are several events that a couple of gay bare groups that my spouse and I are members that periodically use nude/nude-friendly interpreters. If you go to my contact page and email me your contact information, I’ll gladly share it. Naked hugs!


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