Friday Footnote: Bare Dance Party!

It appears as though I’m somehow “caught” with a very cute title that, unfortunately, is creating “credibility” issues for me. I am a victim of my own desire to have a cute and blog that is adored by all, bare and clothed alike! However, as a realist, I know that’s a fantasy projection on my part and I’m willing to accept the consequences of my own delusion. But I do have a post to recommend to all of you reading or visiting here and I refuse to ignore the opportunity!

That’s the simple reason that for a second consecutive week, a “Friday Footnote” is published here on ReNude Pride on a day that is most definitely not a Friday! This particular one is just nudecentric (nudity focused) and written by another same gender loving (gay) man who, unlike my spouse and myself, isn’t always a bare practitioner! He’s a part-time bare practitioner who’s “out of the closet” – openly – sharing his nudity comfort with all.


Pictured above (and below) is my blogging buddy and selectively bare friend, the author of Pace Of Mind Blog. Last Friday he published a post on this site entitled: I Went To A Naked Dance Party And It Wasn’t Completely Awful.”  (click onto the title to be linked directly to the post). A very interesting and encouraging recounting of his new experience and his human progress in meeting and overcoming challenges and inhibitions.

He’s a amateur sportsman and writes from Australia. He’s openly gay and his blog is interesting, humorous and clearly demonstrates to all that not only can same gender loving men be creative, they aren’t totally obsessed with sex. After all, we’re humans, too! Variety is the spice of life!


He’s of Maltese (from the island of Malta) descent and clearly not ashamed of his body. He has no inhibitions about writing of his nudity experiences, his gay dating and other daily occurrences his life “Down Under.” A man who I am proud to admire and respect in this blogging world. I encourage all of you to read his post that is linked here and to follow him on a regular basis.

Which brings to mind another thought or message that I’d like to share with everyone here. That is:


For some unknown reason, people have a unique tendency to be happier and friendlier once the covering of clothing has been removed – completely. I guess when we “bare it all,” there’s simply nothing left to hide. The world becomes less complex and absolutely less materialistic. The dividing line between the “haves” and the have-nots” is somehow replaced with our nakedness! A very subtle encouragement from yours truly to get bare and enjoy what life has to offer you! 

You may even wake up and find yourself featured on Pace Of Mind Blog! Seriously, as the author of Pace of Mind Blog is a proud and out gay man, and tomorrow is National Coming Out Day, it somehow is appropriate that we can “come out” as proud bare practitioners all in one day.

Next Thursday, I again plan to post a Friday Footnote on Thursday. I’ve designated Fridays to observing Bare GLBTQ History Month here on ReNude Pride. Why change plans now?

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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