Southern Hemisphere Bare Salute!

As we in the Northern Hemisphere begrudgingly prepare to weather the horrors of the 2018 – 2019 Winter, I feel it is only fitting to par homage and tribute to all of our bare counterparts in the Southern Hemisphere as they joyfully prepare to frolic into their well deserved Summer-time. After all, they have been patient with me as I gloat over our past two summers – I should at least recognize their patience and tolerance and offer them their due. After all, fair is only fair when it works both ways!

As previously pointed out to me, some of our bare practicing buddies live on or near the Equator – where the temperatures remain almost the same throughout the year. Those who are fortunate to live in such an environment have my eternal envy. Scenes such as the one below are enough to make even the most contented Arctic dwellers jealous of such a tropical paradise – and melt the polar icecaps!


I don’t know where the above photo was taken. The beach view alone is one of my favorites. I can very easily see Aaron, my spouse, and myself spending months on end luxuriating in the sunshine along the pristine shore. Our own tiny refuge of paradise!


We wouldn’t be so rude as not to share our spot with others. After all, one of the best aspects of nudity is being bare among friends. Nude solitude is fine for a while but it does get to be rather boring over prolonged stretches of time.


Besides, sometimes the nude views offer very interesting and unique scenes that one cannot find anywhere else on this planet. I doubt we’d find a view like the one above on any travel brochure or holiday destination presentation. Bare practitioners (naturists, nudists), no matter from which hemisphere they hail, are notorious for their appreciation of natural beauty and suppliers of such.


Despite what the photographs featured above may imply, not everyone who lives in the Southern Hemisphere resides in a serene tropical climate zone. Just as not all of us who have our home in the Northern Hemisphere have palm trees and sandy beaches within walking distance, there is a disparity in the climates of the Southern Hemisphere that reflects our own environmental diversity. Not every region receives snowfall in either hemisphere and deserts are common to both.

During the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter season, it is the glorious Summer-time in the Southern Hemisphere. Readers of ReNude Pride live in both hemispheres. That’s the main reason for this post here, to honor those from the southern climates who have been so patient and tolerant of everything published here during our summer as they bravely endured their winters. It is only fair that when the seasons reverse themselves, we in the northern climates do the same.


Yoga is an excellent meditation-relaxation activity that helps to clear the mind of clutter and refresh both our spirit and soul. It is also a great fitness guide that can be done both indoors and outside as well enjoyed both bare or in loose-fitting clothing. During the summer season, yoga performed nude and in nature is an excellent tool to rejuvenate and rekindle our spirit and our awareness of our natural surroundings.

As the goal of yoga is fitness of both body and mind, bare practitioners aren’t to only ones who prefer yoga clothes-free. Many textiles (clothes wearers) prefer it their natural state (naked), too!


Photography is a hobby that many use to relax and adopt as an artistic expression. As an amateur photographer myself, it is for me a means of creating permanent reminders of places that I have seen and of people that I have encountered. Every summer season, I make a “photo-book” of family and friends and our times together during the season of “fun-in-the-sun!” For myself, it seems ridiculous to photograph any of my bare family and friends any way except being nude also! In doing this, both photographer and subject are not only comfortable and relaxed but their bodies, being bare, are like mirrors reflecting one another.


Summers, no matter which hemisphere we live, are a time for both competitive and recreational sports. Whether we are fortunate to compete bare or simply recuperate afterwards clothes-free, it affords us the opportunity to feel the sun’s warming rays and to enjoy a moment to sunbathe, like the guy in the photo above. Some of us are able to participate in nude sports leagues due to the number of sports that require minimal specialized protective gear. On the playing field, all that’s necessary is a comfortable space (grass) and a support for our head (football or volleyball). Note the well-worn pair of trainer’s (shoes) on his feet!

Our man (above) is intently concentrating on whatever athletic competition he’s watching. Not the intense and serious expression on his face.


Summers are synonymous with aquatic activities and events, again, both competitive and recreational. Whether the activity is a leisurely past-time or a qualifying event for a national summer Olympic trial, these water-based challenges are complimentary with nudity, often referred to as “skinny-dipping” (naked swimming). Swimsuits are a very recent phenomenon that only became popular during the reign of Britain’s Queen Victoria. Before that time, almost all of humanity engaged in skinny-dipping.

The image above depicts  two men enjoying an ocean surf with their boards and totally unconcerned over their social nakedness. It’s summer, the sun is out and they’re in the water. Who needs the clinging weight of a wet swimsuit hindering their fun? The guys in the picture below tried the conventional swimming method but had second thoughts and are opting out of the “modest mode” for the more liberating bare method for the freedom of skinny-dipping.


ReNude Pride salutes all readers who live in the Southern Hemisphere and proudly offers to all of you these images of what you can look forward to in the upcoming season. A safe and happy summer wish to all! Enjoy every moment possible as bare as you dare!


To those, like yours truly, who live in the temperature-dropping Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the images of the season that we just left behind not that many months ago but numerous thermometer degrees in our past!

P. S. If anyone has a friend who is seeking room-mates, Aaron and I are available to relocate to anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere during this summer/winter season!  

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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