Autumn Leaves: Bare Model

For those readers here who’ve followed ReNude Pride for awhile, you already know that as an undergraduate student at university, I posed bare (naked, nude, without clothing) to earn some extra spending money. The job was for the art classes and photography classes at my university. The pay was good and the work wasn’t too demanding or difficult – all I had to do essentially was take off my clothes – which was fine for me. I had no issues being bare – and the same is true today!

Actually, the only difficulty that ever surfaced during my modeling career was trying to second-guess the instructions from the classroom instructors. Artists are very creative individuals and are infamous for always “thinking outside the box.” That’s fine when you’re dealing with a like-minded individual. However, when giving posing directions to live students who are posing for your students, specificity is preferable to an abstract idea that probably will be misunderstood.

If your students are given detailed and precise instructions about the assigned expectations and tasks for their art/photography project, doesn’t it stand to reason that the same should be provided for the models? After all, we are undergraduate students, also. On the average, we, the models, were no more and no less intelligent than the students enrolled in the class.


My second year of bare modelling presented a number of opportunities that were completely different from my first year. First, a new photography instructor arrived on campus and was enthusiastic about having a budget that afforded him the freedom to use live models for his classroom projects. This particular artist was, himself, openly gay and when he discovered that another student model and I were both also “out” as gay, he proceeded to schedule us for his projects as often as we were available.

As a matter of fact, he had us write down our availability and he assigned his projects to fit our schedule. He insisted on having the both of us work as a team as he preferred outside locations for his assignments to his students. That was fine with us as my model-partner was somewhat uncomfortable posing outside nude alone where anyone wandering through the campus could, and often did, stop and watch the action.

There was one particular day in early November that he scheduled us for a posing session for one of his photography classes. He shared with us that he wanted us to pose in the multitude of autumn leaves that covered the campus grounds now that Autumn was here. He informed us that the grounds maintenance work crew were installing a “privacy fence” surrounding the photo-shoot area in an effort to afford us, his nude models, a semblance of privacy from other students roaming the campus.

As neither one of us (the student models) were particularly modest about being naked around others, his (the professor’s) concern was a non-issue for either of us. Other students had seen us bare before and probably would again. If we were in any way shy over our nudity, we wouldn’t be modelling without clothing – period. It was a voluntary position that we received a stipend for providing. We were both willing bare practitioners!


Fortunately, the day scheduled for our posing was unusually warm for the month of November. My modelling buddy and I reported to the site and promptly began stripping off our clothes – a welcome relief as the day was even warmer than the meteorologist predicted. After getting completely bare, we began tossing leaves up into the air and running around underneath them, our goal being able to run from point A to point B before all the leaves had returned to earth. One of those nonsensical games that collegiate students create to pass away idle time. We were both naked, so we might as well have some fun!

Soon we were joined inside our temporary “privacy fence” enclosure by the class photographers. Upon arrival, they immediately began taking the pictures of my co-model and I playing our “leaf game.” Moments later, the class instructor joined us wearing a terrycloth bathrobe. Upon noticing the late arrival, the professor, and what he was wearing, my thought was: “What is with this guy? A bathrobe?” 

I looked over to my modeling cohort. The expression on his face let me know that his thoughts were identical to mine.

The photography students didn’t seem to notice the arrival of their professor. They continued to photograph us running around under the leaves with our silly game. A couple of the students joined in by tossing leaves at us or above us. I assume to create a heavier leaf-storm that would enhance their pictures.

A short while later, I noticed the photography instructor remove his bathrobe and there he stood, nude wearing only a pair of white underwear briefs! I caught the attention of my fellow model and nodded my head in the direction of the teacher – our “boss” for the duration of this class period.


Off came his briefs! He was now just as naked as his class models!

He just didn’t stop at stripping off his underwear. He started running under the leaves, mimicking my model partner and myself. His students continued taking their pictures – of the three of us – clothes-free and running around with leaves falling all around and over us!

As I passed him under the “shower” of leaves – he winked at me! I was surprised and a little uncomfortable.

We continued with our activity until the class was over. The professor walked over, shook both my fellow model’s hand and mine. In doing so, he signed to us both: “On such a beautiful day you didn’t think I’d miss the fun did you? I love being naked!” 

We laughed, got dressed and went about our business.

When the next semester began in January, our “bare professor” was not back on campus! Evidently, being bare and fraternizing nude with students isn’t compatible nor permissible between professors and the student body. Notice student body (singular) and not student bodies (plural)!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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