State of ReNude Pride

As January is my anniversary month of publishing ReNude Pride here, I feel it is my solemn duty as a committed bare practitioner (naturist or nudist), a same gender loving (gay) man and as this site’s author, to deliver a “state of the blog” message to reiterate the purpose of this space and my dedication to upholding my sacred duty. Now, if that very verbose statement didn’t put anyone asleep, in simple terms, this is my time to remember why I do this!

In the gif image above, it is visually obvious why this site was created in January, 2017. To spread and proclaim the joys of nudity throughout the world. In particular, the wonders of gay and bisexual clothes-free living in a completely non-sexual atmosphere. Not that there’s anything wrong with sexuality, because there isn’t. But as compatible as sexual intimacy and nakedness may be, the two are really two different concepts entirely. Sex isn’t dependent on nudity and being naked isn’t dependent on sex.

It is customary for the president of this country to appear before both houses of the U. S. Congress and deliver a televised State of the Union address annually highlighting the accomplishments of his/her presidency. Considering that I am a much more decent person than the current president, I entitled this post “State of ReNude Pride” as I use this second anniversary of this site to review progress to date.


In my initial post on this site, I explained my reasons for creating ReNude Pride. Since that first posting, I occasionally get asked, either in person or via email, about the name. So, for better or for worse, here goes!

Why the name: ReNude Pride?

The “renude” portion of the name is a “play-on-the-words” for “renewed” which means rebirth, rejuvenation and/or renewal. Most of us, at birth, as infants and as toddlers, are inherently immodest or unconcerned at being seen naked or nude by others. We could care less if we are seen without clothing or any other type of covering. Modesty or “body-shame” is a learned trait or characteristic taught to us by authority figures or the important or mentoring adults in our lives. It is an acquired behavior or belief.

The “pride” portion of the title refers to our unique individual sense of self-value or self-worth. It is our confidence in ourselves as human. As young children, we all have an inflated sense of self importance as we see the entire world revolving solely around us as individuals. After all, we are the center of our parent’s (or other caregiver’s) attention and their lives. It is only as we mature that we learn and comprehend the knowledge that this is not the case. We begin to appreciate our place in society. We realize that we are all members of a broader culture that includes others and not just us. We come to recognize and (hopefully) accept our particular role within our culture.

The name of this online journal, ReNude Pride, relates to our rebirth or renewal of confidence in both ourselves and in our nudity as mature adults. A confidence that many of us lost when we were forced to wear clothing. In doing so, we can celebrate and enjoy the natural (sorry, no pun intended) wonder of being clothes-free and proud in a predominantly materialistic, consumer-driven and fashion obsessed world.

The goal or purpose (some call this a “mission”) of ReNude Pride is to encourage, exchange, promote and support a renude (renewed) confidence among naturists and nudists of all persuasions and sexualities. In addition, ReNude Pride serves as a reference and resource to those who are curious or interested in the naturist or nudist lifestyle.

I hope to achieve this goal by offering this blog as an online tool expressing my thoughts and perspectives as a same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (naturist or nudist). The comments or reactions of those reading here will provide a variety of opinions and thoughts, as well as suggestions, and increase awareness of the diversity of our naked/nude culture.

Several years ago, a new co-worker of mine, when he learned that I was not only a married gay man but also an active nudist/naturist, commented: “You’re a gay nudist? You must be a political radical!” 

I respectfully educated him into reality. If we believe the legend, then Lady Godiva was a political radical. She rode naked through town to protest high taxes. The bare practitioners protesting San Francisco’s ban on unrestricted public nudity were political radicals. My spouse, Aaron and I, on the other hand, simply lived as private individuals who preferred to be clothes-free whenever and wherever legally possible were most decidedly not political radicals.


San Francisco nudity ban protesters (above photo)

In an effort to increase accessibility and offer a quick and efficient resource, shortly after I began publishing ReNude Pride, I began adding reference pages here. These auxiliary pages, if using a computer screen, are located on the left-hand side. Simply click the title to be directed to the appropriate document. These pages are all related to the themes of this site, being either bisexual/gay subjects, nudity subjects or both. A complete list of all pages and a brief synopsis with a link to each is provided below.

Reference Pages:

  • Home: This is the page that is currently displayed on your device’s screen. This is automatically shown whenever you log-in to this location.
  • About : This page offers a site overview and description. It also features background and biographical information on yours truly.
  • Contact : To contact me via email, simply complete the form here. Please remember to include your email address in the appropriate line. I’m willing to discuss any topics relating to nudity, social nudity or same gender loving (gay) concerns or questions.
  • Gay and Nudist Resources : The title is self-explanatory. This page lists various gay-nudist organization’s contact information and a resource for transgender resource. It also references information on mixed-race couples and relationships. The gay-nudist e-zine, Nudist Planet, is also listed here.
  • Bare With Me : This page is a photo-album of my personal nudity, including Aaron, my spouse, personal chef and photographer and some of our friends.
  • Page of Fame : This page features photographs and recognition for all those gracious and brave individuals who have survived and thrived after being interviewed and published here, including links to their interview.
  • My Bare Blogging Crew : A listing with links to all the blogs that I regularly follow that are either gaycentric (GLBTQ focused), nudecentric (nudity focused) or both.
  • Nudecentric Briefs : This is the most recent page to be added here, created during the summer of 2018. This page highlights simple steps to take in gaining bare comfort and is designed to help those curious about becoming a bare practitioner to ease into the life and freedom of being nude. A new strategy is offered monthly.

Please visit the above pages offered here and feel free to share your thoughts either by utilizing the contact form or the comment application located at the bottom of each posting. Your sharing helps me to provide each of you with information or ideas that is relevant to your specific interests or needs.


I published two interviews with fellow bloggers over the course of 2018. The first was with Andre Fuller Davenport during February, 2018. The second was with Brent Pace during November. Visit the ReNude Pride blog’s Page of Fame (see above pages listing) to read their interviews, as well as others.

It was exactly two years ago yesterday that I began publishing ReNude Pride. This site began on January 6, 2017. A special “thank you” for your friendship and loyalty. You’ve made the past two years seem almost like it was only two weeks!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Author’s Note: In honor of the second anniversary of ReNude Pride this month, I am closing every post with the above gif image, our man “jumping for joy” with finally being bare!

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

12 thoughts on “State of ReNude Pride”

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  3. Love this post Roger but then again I love all your posts. You are an inspiration and voice to the gay same-sex nudist community when so many voices remain unheard.

    I can honestly say that your return to the blogging world since A Guy Without Boxers was so welcome and needed.

    I love your play on words with “renewed” to “renude” which is so appropriate.

    I look forward to your posts and it my hope is that John and I get to meet you and Aaron in person.

    Many Naked Hugs!


    Liked by 3 people

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