What To Wear When Bare?

Many may ask: “If you’re really bare, then what is there for you to wear?” To clarify, allow we to point out that if we are really bare, then there’s one thing left that we all can honestly wear and that item is our smile! Just as Robert Craig, Adrian Hart and Sean Zevran (left to right in the above photo) are demonstrating! Our smile sends a special message to all those we meet!


Our smiles enable us to visibly display to others our comfort and confidence as bare practitioners and as members of the GLBTQ community. We are proud of our ability to share with all our social nudity and our romantic freedom! It is a prime example of us being ourselves without any remorse or shame!

For far too long a period in time, as same gender loving people and as naturists or nudists, many in earlier times had to conceal and suppress being the persons that they truly were. Conformity to the judgments and practices of the dominant society denied to them the opportunity to feel happiness and self-worth. Their days were filled with dreading the risk of being discovered as a person unworthy of life itself.

wordpressSMILEarabaOur smile allows us to send a non-verbal message to those we come into contact with that even though our life is never perfect, it does offer us goodness and satisfaction. This simple notice many times encourages others to smile and this in turn helps to spread a broader feeling of contentment throughout our neighborhoods and municipalities. One smile can, and often does, uplift a multitude in ways that the original “smiling person” never imagined possible! All of this attributable to the facial expression of just one individual who never had to utter a single word or share a single thought.

One of the better aspects of wearing our smile is that we are not restricted to displaying it to just the month of bare and same gender loving pride of each year. For those of us who are often clothes-free, we can proudly wear our smile throughout the year, and even on a daily basis!



Another and equally important aspect of our smiling while bare is that we don’t necessarily have to be in the company of others to use it. Many of us are quite happy to proudly smile when bare whether or not those we’re with are smiling or not. Most of us smile because we, ourselves, are happy and proud. The attitude of the others around us can and often does not have any influence on our personal feeling, whatsoever!  


Naked hugs and a proud smile!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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