June, 2019: Bare and Gay Pride!

“June is known as gay pride month.” A very basic and original statement to denote a very unique and ultimate description of the importance and the significance of the 30 day month. However, in today’s world and its ever-changing culture and politics, “June is known as gay pride month” is no longer relevant nor entirely truthful.


Homosexuality is a term that was often used to describe and label people who were emotionally and romantically attracted to others of their same gender. Included among homosexuals were those people who were born one gender but often displayed and enacted characteristics and traits of their opposite gender. Homosexuals were often judged abnormal by society, discriminated against, marginalized and considered criminal for simply being themselves.

In many cases, the incidents of discrimination, hatred, judgment, stereotyping and violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) persons are legally over. Many countries now have laws to guarantee full equality and make such prejudicial behavior illegal. Sadly, this is not the situation everywhere.

There are some nations where intolerance and marginalization is not only permitted but in some cases encouraged. This shameful policy exists and sometimes thrives due to the inhuman attitudes of both governments and politicians. Until leaders are held to strict accountability for their actions and judgments such oppression is likely to continue.

As individual persons, those of us living outside the boundaries of the GLBTQ restricted states have minimal impact in changing the policy. However, within our local community organizations, we can initiate encouragement for the adaptation of calls for action against the offensive governments and regimes. These actions can and should include awareness of the inhuman conditions, boycotts of exports and requests for political pressure from our own elected parliamentarians and representatives. This collective effort from multiple nations can pressure the repressive governments to abandon their oppressive policies.


This site, ReNude Pride, also recognizes the month of June as one of bare (naked, nude, clothes-free) pride. It is a time for the GLBTQ persons who enjoy their clothes freedom to express this confidence and joy as well as our same gender loving preference. There are no national nude pride observances anywhere in the world so we here combine the two celebrations into one comprehensive commemoration of pride in being our true, natural selves! We have no shame in being both who and what we are!

The GLBTQ community is generally very tolerant of the bare practitioners community and accepting those among us who are members of both groups. However, the community of naturists and nudists isn’t very accepting or welcoming to the GLBTQ bare practitioners. I and a number of friends have experienced some very unpleasant circumstances and moments when we have visited nude events or resorts. Hopefully, this behavior will rapidly fade into the past.

On a one-to-one individual basis, GLBTQ bare practitioners and non-same gender loving naturists/nudists sometimes become acquaintances or develop friendships. Despite this selective relationship, when actions or policies involving the GLBTQ nude community on a non-personal level, often those with GLBTQ bare practitioner acquaintances often follow the tendency for non-same gender loving exclusion.

Hopefully, this duplicity will become an issue in the past. As the two communities begin to mix, this can possibly change how they both interact. The clothes-freedom movement does not need division.


Our sense of pride in being both members of the GLBTQ community and bare practitioners (naturist/nudist) isn’t a personal aspect that any of us need to conceal or hide from others. Instead of allowing marginalization, we use this as a way of sharing our uniqueness and our personal acceptance of ourselves and our combined lifestyles.

One of the ways that I use to bridge between the two communities is the publication of ReNude Pride. In sharing my ideas, thoughts and situations I hope to eradicate the walls between these two communities and to build, in my own limited capacity, a bridge that can lead towards a better appreciation and cooperation between both communities. By emphasizing our similarities, I hope to foster a sense of collaboration and pride that will eventually overcome feelings of divisiveness, judgment and misunderstanding.

Bottom’s-Up! A Booty-ful of Pride!

As I wrote in the Bottom’s-Up! End of May, 2019, post here, I am promoting a new feature for the Bottom’s-Up! series here on ReNude Pride. I am inviting all followers, readers and visitors to submit, via email, an attached photograph of their bare buttocks for a special composite posting here. I am using this posting to list the guidelines for inclusion.

Publication date: August 31, 2019

Submission deadline: August 10, 2019 (My fourth wedding anniversary is August 15. All entries are needed before August 10 – no exceptions!)

Please submit only one photo of yourself and a friend/lover/partner in the jpeg., png., or gif. format to me at this site’s email address: renudepride@gmail.com. Please print the Bottom’s-Up! in the subject space.

Confidentiality: No names will be included in the posting here. I will only list the location of the sender using city or province/state and country of origin. Please type this information in your email along with your submission.

Nudity: Only bare images are allowed. Sandals or shoes are permitted. Please do not just pull-down your pants and take a picture. The picture should be of buttocks only. No faces or penises are allowed. The pictures may show the backs and legs. A close-up image of buttocks is fine.

Please note: If you are submitting a photograph of you and other persons, please indicate in your email that all the individuals have consented to the picture being published. 

Background: The photo may be indoors or outdoors. Aquatic (water) or landscape settings are permitted. The buttocks in the bathtub or shower are allowed. If you have a tattoo on your buttocks or a friend will decorate it with body paint, that’s no problem. Of course, your pets may be included in the photograph.

A friendly reminder, you don’t have to wait for the deadline to submit your entry! I’ll gladly accept the entries at any time. I already received an entry from a reader from Kent, England, UK the very day that I published my Bottom’s-Up! End of May, 2019 post!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride






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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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