2019 Nude Recreation Week

The 2019 observation of Nude Recreation Week begins today and continues through July 14. This is an annual event that has been sponsored by the Naturist Society for the past 41 years. It is jointly sponsored by both the Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation. Author’s Note: The Naturist Society website announces that Nude Recreation Week is July 8 – 14, 2019. The American Association website offers the same event for July 7 – 14, 2019. 


The history of Nude Recreation Week is fairly recent with the earliest documented date of August 7, 1976, as being the designated date of the very first Nude Beach Day. This is considered the forerunner of the current event and it was initially held at Truro Beach in southern California and at the Head of the Meadow Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Atlantic coast location (Massachusetts) was both cold and stormy on August 7, so the observance there was held on the scheduled “inclement weather” date of August 14, of the same year.

The National Nude Beach Day event was conducted annually for several years on both coasts before it became the National Nude Weekend in order to expand the time for the clothes free event. As many naturist/nudist resorts weren’t located with access to a nude beach, it soon became apparent that a name change and another expansion of the theme was necessary. This, the weekend evolved into the Nude Recreation Week. 


The celebration of Nude Recreation Week continues to highlight the joyful experience of bare swimming – skinny-dipping – but now the focus is beginning to include a broader agenda of other fun and relaxing activities that attract the attention and participation of an expanded audience of persons who enjoy baring themselves during the summer months either inside or outdoors. Perhaps a more appropriate theme should be: Having fun while bare! 


Many clothes free clubs and organizations now have a growing number of senior citizen members and are actively offering an even more expanded variety of activities that not only interest the senior population but other age groups as well. Art, photography, literature and reading, sewing and board games and card games are some of the interests that are now being addressed through increased offerings at bare sites and resorts.

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an example of another popular event that has spurned an increased interest in not only naturism and nudity but also from a variety of age groups. Several cities are now seriously considering holding their WNBR event during the projected Nude Recreation Week observance.

What is important to remember is that Nude Recreation Week is a time to allow all of us to explore and celebrate the innumerable opportunities to have fun while bare! The freedom from clothing is something that many appreciate the most!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ ReNude Pride



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  2. it is normal that people like in july and august to stay naked because of the strong hot weather ,they like to go outdoor except to the beaches to stay naked and nude, i love the pictures of nude and naked people.thank you

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