July 14: Bare Practitioner’s Day!

This upcoming Sunday is Bare Practitioner’s Day! Before I progress any further on this topic, I should explain or remind everyone that “bare practitioner” is the term that I prefer to use for self-identification as well as to describe who and what we are. I believe the majority utilize the term: “gay naturist/nudist.” In most social settings, sexual actions are not permitted. That’s the reason I’d much rather be a bare practitioner as opposed to gay naturist/nudist. “Gay” has simply too much sexual baggage or implications!

Please don’t misunderstand me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sexual intimacy! It just doesn’t need to be blatantly stressed and projected mentally so that so many myths about same gender loving naturists/nudists are implanted in people’s minds – again! Our clothes freedom isn’t necessarily based on sexual gratification as much as it is part of of our personal freedom and comfort.


Too often, we gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) naturists/nudists are often condemned or criticized for our sexual misconduct at clothes free events or gatherings. Why? Because of the continued association of us all being obsessed with immediate sexual fulfillment and pleasure. This is hardly the case but the myth remains strongly enforced inside the minds of many naturists and nudists throughout the world.

I’ve previously posted of my personal preference for the term bare practitioner as opposed to the labels: “gay naturist,” “gay nudist,” or other qualifying names that identify our sexual orientation. I think that bare practitioner omits any idea of intimate and/or physical/sexual behavior from being associated with our clothes free status and helps to eliminate that myth from our being. Our being bare defines us as clothes free and without shame.


That is precisely why July 14 is an important day for us. It allows us, as same gender loving and bisexual persons to proudly reaffirm who we are and equally importantly, what we are not only on this date but throughout the year. By no means is our self-confidence restricted to just this one day.

“Openess may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.”

~ Jason Collins, professional basketball player, (retired). Jason is the first openly gay man to play not only in the NBA but for any of the four professional North American sports leagues. He retired from the Brooklyn Nets team in the NBA.


July 14 is celebrated as Bare Practitioner’s Day here on ReNude Pride for the reasons that I’ve offered above. However, it is also known as Gay Naturist Day, Gay Nudist Day and as Gay Naturist/Nudist Day. Just as their is no need for us to feel any disgrace or shame as being clothes free enthusiasts, there is likewise no need for remaining closeted as same gender loving or bisexual. We can all be very proud of ourselves every day!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

9 thoughts on “July 14: Bare Practitioner’s Day!”

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  2. I love how you always remind about bare holidays I’ve never heard off! And you might be pleased to hear that I’ve already took a couple of chances this year to go beare thanks to your reminders 🙂

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  3. I agree there’s a serious nomenclature problem. First, the moment one says “gay” most people (nudist or not) immediately think of sex. Second, the use of the adjective “gay” suggests that gay nudists are sufficiently different from non-gay nudists that a distinction must be made… and what could that distinction be other than sex-related? Or so I strongly suspect most people think.

    The phrase “bare practitioner” avoids that baggage. It also has the advantage of having an easy answer when someone asks, “What’s that?” One can answer with something like, “a person who doesn’t wear clothing unless the situation doesn’t call for it”. This calls to mind a factually accurate picture without suggesting anything sex-related.

    It’s a bit of a mouthful but better than anything I can come up with so Well Done!!

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