Sunshine Reading!

One of my favorite personal past-times of the summertime is always the freedom to read whatever I want in my most comfortable position: bare! It is an activity that can be enjoyed whether alone or in a group of others. It is something that requires very little aside from a book or magazine and a pair of glasses. Of course, sunscreen and a thermos of beverage is necessary and that’s all.


If I’m in a particularly energetic mood, I may sometimes pack a picnic basket of food and treats to enjoy, but that isn’t something that I always feel like doing. Often, several pieces of fruit and water is all I need to sustain me while outside in nature and relaxing. The best part of the entire day is that I have the freedom not to be bothered with entertaining anyone other than myself!

Summers have traditionally been the opportunity that I have for reading whatever appeals to me and my interests. Growing up, the scholastic year provided me with textbooks and assignments that were mandatory in preparing for the next educational level. There was usually only a minimal amount of time for any books or articles that caught my attention. That’s probably why the summer endeared itself to me.

My job is ideally suited for me. As a university professor, my summer months are free for me to engage in my passion for the printed word whether it be fact or fiction minus the burden of reading for class preparation. Books that I have accumulated throughout the year provide me with a variety of material to pursue at my own pleasure.


This week provides an ample amount of time for reading in natural sunlight. My good friend, Jay, is here staying with Aaron, my spouse, and I the entire week. The very first time that I met Jay involved sharing our favorite books and authors. To read of our friendship, click onto either of the following links: Bare Friendships Part I, and/or Bare Friendships Part II, and or Bare Friendships 10 Years. These entries here on ReNude Pride explain the uniqueness of our relationship.

When Aaron entered into my life, both he and Jay became fast-friends and have remained so to this day. Since Jay arrived here this past Saturday, the weekend was all too brief and all three of us enjoyed ourselves as bare practitioners along a riverfront in central Virginia, the state where Aaron and I live.

Aaron is working this week, so that allows Jay and I ample time to spend riverside in the sunshine and read until the daylight disappears. In our correspondence prior to his arrival, we decided to read and discuss the first four novels by the author John Grisham. We’re both fans of his works but amazingly neither of us have read his earliest books. This should permit us plenty of time to read, exchange ideas and still be able to return to our condo by the time Aaron arrives home after his work. We can then review our day together and let Aaron enlighten us on his thoughts on the books that we’ve read.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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