Last Day at Work, 2019!

Today is my very final day at the office for this year! My last class for the day ends at 11:50, this morning, and I plan to leave my office shortly thereafter. Of course, it is too brisk and chilly outside to walk to my car bare and carrying my clothes. However, I have no errands to complete on my way home so I’ll be clothes free for the remainder of the day!


I will not have to conduct another class until the second week in January, 2020. I am very pleased with the time away from the classroom! I enjoy my job but the time off is giving me the opportunity to simply relax and have some time for myself. My spouse, Aaron, is off for an entire week and we have plans to spend the time isolated from the clothes wearing world in all our bareness and happiness!


The top priority that Aaron and I have decided is that the bulk of the week that we both have off together is to relax in bed – together – as long as we like. In other words, not to plan or commit to any early engagements. We feel the need to spend as much free time and casual time as necessary. It has been quite awhile since we have done this!

Of course, our week off from work together isn’t upon us, yet! I am finishing grading my students research theme papers from home next week prior to submitting their final scores for the current semester. While I complete this, Aaron still reports to his trauma room/emergency room duties at his hospital.

However, our dreams and plans for a “do nothing” week off together still range in our minds. Have a terrific weekend!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Mixed Race Gay Couple --- Image by © Illustration Works/Corbis



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7 thoughts on “Last Day at Work, 2019!”

  1. Have a pleasant weekend Roger.
    I still have a week and a half at work before I close for the year, time i plan to divide between biking and sleeping, where sleeping gets the bigger portion

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