Bottoms-Up! February, 2021

Bromantic cuddling!

Despite this being the very last day of the month of February, 2021, thus St. Valentine’s Day has already happened, the “month of Cupid and love” frequently encourages an entire month of celebration! Our bottoms-up! couple featured above definitely have no hesitation in showing their bromance and their ASSets! Especially since they’re posing completely bare before an open window – no curtains at all!

Francois Sagat shirtless

Our proud actor cohort, Francois Sagat loses no shame in proudly modelling himself without any clothing whatsoever!

Francois Sagat begins shedding…

He has no qualms in removing his shorts so we all can view his shapely buttocks in all their natural glory!

Francois Sagat gets Bottoms-Up!

The full and proud view!

Francois Sagat and his bare buttocks!

In the above .gifs, Francois Sagat, a very famous and proudly gay film actor and a fine bare practitioner, has no concern with showing off his bare buttocks for all to admire and see! Way to go, Francois! Thanks for stripping off your shorts! It doesn’t take imagination to comprehend he has no false modesty!

British Olympian, Louis Smith, bares his buttocks!

In the above .gif, British Olympian Louis Smith, proudly entices us with a Bottoms-Up! view of his own exceptional “bottom!”

Another image of Louis Smith and his tattooed back and shapely buttocks!

Louis Smith won the gymnastic Bronze Medal for the United Kingdom in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 (and a very subtle yet laudable acknowledgement of his physical attributes)!

A “peace” sign for us all from a very bare Louis Smith!

Four years later, Louis Smith won a gymnastic Silver Medal in the 2012 London Summer Olympiad!

A sprawled Louis Smith models his “bottoms-up!” pose!

Obviously, Louis Smith is very comfortable with clothes freedom!

An equally confident Louis Smith elaborating his hairy armpits!

Thank you, Olympian Louis Smith, for showing off your confidence and pride while posing “totally natural” for the British same gender loving monthly, Gay Times! He has innumerable reasons to share his nudity for us all to admire! His British-Caribbean heritage and finely-toned physique make us all glow and grow with pride! Thank you, Louis!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next posting here is planned for Monday, March 1, 2021, (tomorrow) and the proposed topic is “Bare Awakening!”

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