Bare Awakening!

A slow awakening today!

Today, March 1, marks the official beginning of the third month of 2021 and for those of us residing in the Northern Hemisphere, the start of the “transition” period from the dregs of Winter into the joys of Spring! Of course, we are all well aware of the fact that the outdoor temperatures and weather do not happen overnight – but what is obvious for us all is the emergence of hope for an approaching new season that allows us delightful expression of our passion for being bare practitioners!

The waking from the gruesome Winter season brings memories of past Spring arrivals that fill many of us with delight that the burdens of the waning season will soon – once, again – be behind us! That’s enough to encourage us all to begin to plan ahead for the upcoming Spring and Summer!

Still asleep but about to awaken!

As the month of March encourages us to recall experiences from our bare practitioner past – especially those we enjoyed before the onset of the the coronavirus COVID-19! It is now time for us all to use this month to creatively explore and investigate activities and events that will enable us all to build our experiences during this second spring and summer where we need to remember health and safety as a major priority.

Mask wearing, physical distancing and vaccinations against infection are highly recommended whenever possible. If we make caution and creativity as contagious as the coronavirus, hopefully, the upcoming seasons will be filled with excitement and fun!

A tempting exposure!

Our man (above) is obviously attempting to entice his viewer into a more intimate and physical relationship. He is using the fact that he is bare underneath his oversized shirt to encourage his potential partner to engage likewise. This example of teasing is an very profound and powerful sampling of encouragement and flirtation during the current coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Proudly natural in nature!

Last week, my spouse, Aaron, and I decided on a theme to accompany some of our bare socials this year. BARE being bodies are remarkably exceptional! We are currently planning some type of activity in honor of World Naked Hiking Day, June 21, 2021. We have three male same gender loving friends who are seriously involved with a partner who isn’t experienced in social nudity but interested in exploring the opportunity. Our goal is to use this theme of BARE = bodies are remarkably exceptional to further the cause of being a bare practitioner!

Our project is to encourage the spirit of clothes freedom while at the same time providing a safe and comfortable experience with social nudity for all eight of us to enjoy. As June 21, annually, is always the first day of the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. we’ve already announced our event and everyone of the four couples involved plan to participate. This date is a Monday so informing our guests this far in advance enables the chance they can be excused from having to work!

Bare hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next posting here is planned for Friday, March 5, 2021 and the proposed topic is On Clothes.

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