Examination Scheduling!

A classroom lecture!

This upcoming week, I have a very serious schedule for my job as a university professor. I will be offering back-to-back examinations for the first three consecutive days of the week followed by a departmental review for the final two days of the work-week. Instant observation: “who the hell planned this major disaster?”

There is no way that as an educator I have any control over my schedule. That is the work of the vastly superior and intellectually over-achieving administration! And we all know just how careful and thoughtful those people are in fulfilling their professional responsibilities!

Scratching my head in confusion!

I’m quite certain that the plans for this upcoming week were developed by some anonymous administrator intent on revenge against me for some inadvertent or perceived slight I may have caused. I have not planned or acted in any way to offend any of my school’s administrators. Nothing has been brought to my attention and if I had committed some unforgivable transgression I know for a fact that there would have been paperwork sent to me immediately by the insulted or slighted party.

That is the unwritten rule within the school where I teach. Put it in writing and send a copy to everyone. Let the world know we have an incompetent among us! Actually, from the overwhelming majority of my coworkers, the incompetence is in my school’s administration!

Who in hell proposed and received approval to schedule a departmental review during exam time?

Physical spanking for incompetence!

In my perspective, that culprit should have their buttocks slapped for such a thoughtless gesture. It is, after all, totally unrealistic!

I have no time for a lunch break nor a restroom break!

Who is going to change my diapers?

Take care and stay bare!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here on ReNude Pride is planned for Monday, April 26, 2021, and the proposed topic is “A+: Hirsute Armpits!”

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

9 thoughts on “Examination Scheduling!”

  1. I was gonna say that you should definitely write a letter about this, but you’re right…you can just forward this link to everyone!
    Also, pretty sure that first pic is from a sex dream I had in college. While my friends were all dreaming they showed up naked for a test, I was dreaming we *all* showed up naked!

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  2. To answer your question…… Who proposed this? Easy! A person who never had to work in a college department or had to administer final exams.

    I’ve been a naked theatre goer in an all-naked audience but have never been to a naked college lecture. Something to add to my naked bucket list…..

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