A+: Hirsute Axilla!

Hairy armpit joy!

Prologue: Author’s Note:

A+ = absolutely positive

Fetish: a need or desire for an object, body part or activity for sexual excitement

Hirsute Axilla = hairy armpits

Bare practitioner = a bisexual or gay male naturist/nudist

This postal entry serves a dual purpose here on ReNude Pride. First, it is an honest and open confession from me, Roger Poladopoulos, as the author of this site. It presents to everyone reading here – often and regularly or to anyone reading here just once – a true and valid insight to me as a same gender loving married man who happens to be a conscientious and public bare practitioner (gay naturist or gay nudist).

Second, it shares information about myself that I previously haven’t published here. I have a very strong fetish for men’s hairy armpits. It’s an “eye-opener” into the character and nature of my own bare practitioner personality. It is a facet of my life that I am not ashamed about; up until now, I simply didn’t see the need to publicize the fact. As an active bare practitioner advocate and proponent, now is the moment to acknowledge this aspect of myself.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s hairy armpits!

I proudly and readily admit to owning a fetish and obsession with male hirsute axilla (hairy armpits)! For as long as I am able to remember, this aspect of the masculine anatomy has appealed to and has attracted me. It probably justifies my overall devotion to and fascination with the sport known as basketball. My identical twin brother, Alex, confirms my “addiction” not only to the game of basketball but also to men’s hairy armpits. He, along with our older brothers, vividly recall occasions in our prepubescent youth when I would tape unmatched fake children’s moustaches to my underarms during our childhood play. At this point, I reaffirm my commitment as a basketball fan and as a men’s armpit hair fanatic continues even to this day. I have not outgrown nor wavered from this physical attraction!

Out oldest brother, Nick, remembers when he began puberty and his armpit hair started growing that I regularly pleaded for him to remove his shirt. Alex and I have two additional older siblings – all male – and when they developed underarm fur they likewise recollect my incessant begging of them to strip off their shirts. This allowed me to daily inspect and monitor their progress from boyhood into manhood!

Gay actor Chad removes his shirt and we glimpse his armpit and pubic hair!

When Alex and I entered puberty and secondary school, I distinctly remember a feeling of surreal bliss. Whereas most of our classmates engaged in assessing genital development and the growth of pubic hair when we dressed for gym class, I remained focused almost strictly on the profusion of their underarm hair. The male locker room (changing room and showers) gave me ample opportunity to examine this unique phenomenon while we stripped and showered after our physical education class. Growing up with a preference for nudity did not deter Alex and I from admiring our peers when viewing them clothes free!

Admiring hairy armpits after a date!

During my first year at university, I recall my very first official “date” with another male. His name is Darrell. I was very candid about being a bare practitioner and he had expressed an interest in exploring his nudity. After our dinner and a movie, I walked him back to his dormitory and then up into his room.

While exchanging kisses and fondling one another, I proceeded to encourage his exploration of his nakedness and invited his to take off his shirt and pants so that I could orally service his underarm hair (and satisfy my curiosity)! He willingly agreed to my request and we continued our fondling, foreplay and kissing.

We dated for several months and continued our underarm exploration and servicing. Darrell never became a bare practitioner yet we are still acquaintances to this day. He and his current partner were both guests at Aaron and my wedding reception in 1985. They both affirmed their appreciation of underarm foreplay. Some pleasures can indeed be learned and sensually explosive!

My sleeping beauty and spouse, Aaron!

Aaron has both accepted and adopted my hirsute axilla appreciation and attraction. He now admits to receiving pleasure from my “addiction” and to enjoyment in delivering erotic satisfaction to both my armpits and me! As a legal bare practitioner couple, we advocate for and serve as goodwill ambassadors in recommending underarm hair action and admiration to anyone seeking to expand, enhance and enrich their foreplay skills and talents. These reasons serve as the ultimate goal for my decision to publish on this topic now. Information and knowledge can inspire both satisfaction and success!

My being a particular proponent of all body hair in general and especially hirsute axilla specifically is not necessarily shared by Aaron. He is mildly indifferent as to whether body hair is grown or removed. We both recognize this as a personal preference that we are entitled.

Photo of Aaron that I carry in my wallet!

The above photograph is an adjusted picture of Aaron and his hairy armpits. This particular one I keep in my wallet to share with others who may or may not approve of our bare practitioner status. This enables me to be both totally honest and completely unoffensive. The both of us have no embarrassment not shame regarding our nakedness but we understand that some others may not be as considerate.

Underarm hair appreciation and armpit fur sexual attraction between the two of us are not absolutely identical. Aaron likes underarm attention (both giving and receiving). I have a hirsute axilla fetish and desire and relish the attention, giving and receiving. This is reality and not an obscure of eccentric fantasy!

A confidant bromance: exposed armpit hair!

Maschalagnia is the official name that refers to a hairy armpit obsession. This term is neither derogatory nor offensive. It is also used to identify a variety of activities enjoyed by enthusiasts to include licking and/or sniffing underarms either hairy or shaved.

In humans of both genders, the formation of body odors happens primarily in the armpit – specifically in the underarms. These odorant substances serve a pheromones which play a significant role in both sexual attraction and excitement. This was more than likely the encouragement that led to the development of the deoderant industry.

A collage of hairy armpits and a nose!

The bare practitioner community, like the general population, is very diverse and fluid (ever-changing). Understandably, men’s hirsute axilla isn’t exciting or sexually appealing to everyone. There are some men who are attracted to and focused upon other parts of the male anatomy totally unrelated to the underarms and completely disregarding the presence of a single follicle of body hair. To each his own! Our differences are partly responsible for what makes us into such a dynamic and vibrant segment of general society! For some, a “smooth” (hairless) armpit is the source of the attraction and/or the desire.

A glimpse of his underarm fur in cut-off shirtsleeves!

A prevailing misconception or myth among the overwhelming majority of us is that a man must be completely shirtless (bare chest) or nude in order for his hairy armpits to be admired and appreciated. This is not the case and totally false as the above image proves. Our subject is wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt while proudly exhibiting his furry and muscular underarm! Where there is a will, there is a way!

There are some underarm fur fans who use the visual presence of what they consider their “sacred site” (armpits) to encourage, inspire and stimulate their physical response while intimate with a sexual partner. For those men, the enticement induces their need for physical pleasure and satisfaction.

Licking his partner’s underarm!

No matter if reading this posting creates any new maschalagnia recruits or if anyone has even considered themselves as even vaguely attracted to men’s hirsute axilla. The goal of this entry today was to encourage knowledge, expand horizons, inform others of my desires and to hopefully enable dialogue, tolerance and understanding.

Sunbathing, an ideal time for an underarm fur exhibitionist!

The rapidly approaching summer season – at least here in the Northern Hemisphere – provides unlimited opportunities for hirsute axilla enthusiasts! Beaches (lakeside, oceanfront or riverside) and pools offer endless accessibility to underarm fur for both admirers and exhibitionists. The overwhelming majority of men at those locations are either completely bare (naked) or at the very least, shirtless. The obvious reward is a paradise of hairy armpits! Go and enjoy the view and please remember to bring and to utilize your sunscreen!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next posting entry here on ReNude Pride is planned for Thursday, April 29, 2021, and the proposed topic is “USA: Arbor Day!”

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

4 thoughts on “A+: Hirsute Axilla!”

  1. Interesting article on armpits. I never really gave much thought to armpit fur. I think I’m going to have to stop for a moment the next time I see a furry armpit and see the beauty of the armpit!

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  2. This is totally a thing for me. Great in bed to enhance intimate moments, but also a fairly PG erotic moment for me when I’m out in public and I get a glimpse of that sexy lil triangle of muscle and hair that no one really knows turns my crank. 😈

    Liked by 1 person

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