Branded Celebrity: Felipe Ferreira!

Bare and same gender loving: Felipe Ferreira!

What better way to show our enthusiasm for June: GLBTQ Bare Pride Month than to publish a post entry that features openly gay Brazilian-born model and aspiring porn star, Felipe Ferreira with his “branded” tattoo that proclaims his pride in being himself?

Felipe and his sexy hairy armpits!

Felipe first attracted my attention in 2017 as his career as a model for men’s underwear launched. I immediately noticed the pride tattoo he had located prominently at the base of his neck – long before I became aware of his confidence in his own sexuality despite the concerns of the modeling industry. He is very fit and remarkably handsome as publicists for the industry stressed the fact that he was comfortably bisexual.

Felipe models his pubic bush!

Two years later, in 2019, Felipe publicly acknowledged himself as an exclusively same gender loving (gay) man and that his bisexual “cover” as a work of a model agency’s publicist intent on keeping his sexuality a secret in order to enhance his appeal to both genders.

Felipe modeling a man’s athletic jock-strap!

The pride tattoo that Ferreira sports serves as a very public reminder to us all, as bare practitioners, that whereas we celebrate June, annually, as our pride month, our confidence and pride, both, our ours to observe 365 days per year – in other words, all year long!

Felipe Ferreira

It is amazing to have a celebrity of Felipe Ferreira’s celebrity status as an open model for our very own community. Through his commitment to equality and fairness, as well as his physical attractiveness, he is a very proficient and skilled ambassador to a world that often downplays our community – whether we are wearing clothes or not!

Felipe Ferreira poses with fellow gay porn star, Rhyheim Shabazz!

Now, Felipe is comfortable in opening new horizons in his career. He’s now appearing in “soft” pornography scenes with a growing number of major performers in the gay porn industry, such as Rhyheim Shabazz (above) and Raphael Horst (below).

Felipe Ferreira poses with fellow gay porn star, Raphael Horst!

Felipe Ferreira realizes the role-model status that he has with the GLBTQ community in opening doors for younger members of not only our sexuality but also as bare practitioners. It is both heartening and refreshing to see a man of his stature aware of his responsibility for guidance and self-acceptance.

Felipe Ferreira and Rhyheim Shabazz, both bare and kissing!

We all thank Felipe Ferreira, Raphael Horst and Rhyheim Shabazz for their devotion, loyalty and commitment to us bare practitioners and our unique community! Have a fantastic pride month everyone!

Felipe with his rainbow gay flag in his bedroom!

We all know that a pride tattoo alone is insufficient to instill confidence in being the true person that we are. The achieving of pride in ourselves requires self-acceptance, effort and hard work – and for many, both agony and pain. Felipe realizes this and strives to be a living example for all of us to be ourselves and live our lives fully and openly as possible.


In pursuing his interests in life, modeling and acting, Felipe is ignoring any concerns over his sexuality and continuing to serve as an honest role-model for any of the youth of our community – bare practitioners – to be themselves and to follow their own dreams. That is the path that he is showing by his example and the one we should all take in our own lives!

Remember, sometimes a simple smile is all that it takes to share our confidence with others!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Monday, June 7, 2021, and the proposed topic is “Photo-Essay: Posed With Pride!”

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