My friend, Montgomery, strips off his pants!

Commando is a colloquial term in USA English used to describe a situation where textile (clothes wearing) men are attired without the benefit of underwear – bikini, boxer, brief, jock-strap or thong. In other words, they are clothed (either casually, semi-formal or formally) but no covering for their buttocks or penis. For those of us who are loyal bare practitioners, this is of little or no concern. Our philosophy is simply: Why bother with any type of covering whatsoever?

Montgomery removes his shirt and is now proudly bare!

For the clothes enthusiasts, this presents a major dilemma! The majority are appalled and shocked by this blatant breach of decency and practice. Not only are they appearing in public half-dressed, they also have no concern regarding their hygiene. This is thought of as their first step in becoming nudists!

Caution! Reading further may induce fainting or heart palpitations!

The commando style is also referred to occasionally as freeballing. Basically this implies that a man is comfortable in allowing his genitalia to hang freely unperturbed or contained/restricted by underwear. The two terminologies are essentially identical and both are popular for similar reasons. The labelling choice is simply a matter of personal preference.

Obviously freeballing while having tea!

I am uncertain to the origin of the term commando. I honestly don’t know if any of the military or naval forces permit their persons freedom of being in active service without wearing undergarments!

Removing his boxers for clothes freedom!

The textilists (those who wear clothing – if such a term even exists) possibly may have one valid idea. Wearing pants or shorts without under garments may be the initial stage in the process of conversion to bare practitioner. This claim isn’t supported by any proven research or studies. Additional investigation is highly recommended!

The clothing proponents should be careful in their accusations against the sanitary practices of naturists/nudists as well as the equally clad commando enthusiasts. None of these two populations are guilty of wearing dirty underclothes. Neither of them are fans of “undies,” anyway. Remember the adage: People who live in glass houses (folks who wear garments) should think twice before they throw stones (criticize others)?

The clothes crew should be grateful they aren’t being profusely inundated by countless pairs of soiled underwear! Either that or they could be forced to hand-wash every item of filthy undergarment available. Those two options, alone or combined, would reinforce the valuable lessons of patience, tolerance and understanding.

Bare practitioner!
Stepping into his jeans!
Jeans on, commando style!

There is nothing distasteful or wrong about dressing in the commando style. Essentially, it is a lifestyle choice that everyone is free to determine for themselves. For some it is comfortable and for others, it isn’t. That’s the reason bare practitioners don’t wear clothing and the textile people do.

For a countless number of active bare practitioners, the ability and freedom to dress commando or freeballing may have enabled and encouraged them in their quest of clothes freedom. Successful “first steps” often empower our life journeys to completion.

Undoubtedly, many persons curious and exploring the aspects and benefits of nudity may find commando living both enlightening and inspirational. The comfort and familiarity of discarding underwear is considered by some an essential and vital element towards nakedness. For those who are textile, under garments are the first layer of clothing adorned and the last layer of clothing removed. Being commando makes perfect sense!

My spouse, Aaron, and I are committed bare practitioner loyalists! Yet, living in today’s world, there are times when the wearing of clothing is no longer an option and is totally necessary. When that is reality, usually when wearing a pair of jeans, we often choose to “go commando” (no underwear)! One less hassle we have to endure!

Go commando or freeballing if unable to be bare!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Friday, November 19, 2021, and the proposed topic is: “Haulover Beach!”

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  1. It’s more comfortable without underwear. I’m sure if people would give not wearing underwear a try they would find it more comfortable as well.

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