Daymin Voss, very bare and very hairy!

The subject and title of today’s entry here directly relate to the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere. The fur references body hair and to that is added the ending of the word controversy – my word-play introduction for today’s theme. In the opening photograph (above), our brother bare practitioner (same gender loving naturist/nudist) and adult film actor, Daymin Voss, appears here again representing the very hirsute endowed. It is quite obvious that a razor hasn’t been held in his hands over a long period of time!

Normally, Daymin – like myself – only shaves his facial and head hair. The remainder of his body hair is all generously natural and profuse and has been that way almost all of his adult life.

A relaxing Daymin Voss!

He acknowledges that he has received criticism and ridicule publicly in the media and from the film studios about his insistence on being as nature intended. “I am proud to be the man that I am,” he retorts to inquiries. His confidence in himself is admirable.

Jason Vario (left), Daymin Voss pose together!

In the above featured image, Daymin Voss (right) poses with his fellow bare practitioner and adult film star, Canadian Jason Vario. They’re both personal and professional friends and very honest and open about their lifestyles. Jason has been in the business longer and actually encourages and guided Daymin into his career. Pictured together, their physical contrast is readily apparent: Jason is taller and Daymin’s hairy profusion as opposed to Jason’s sparse amount of body hair growth. Identical to Daymin, Jason usually only shaves his face and head. Frequently, he is mistakenly perceived as having a totally smooth (hairless) physical appearance. On occasions, he has been critiqued in social media and by film executives for removing his armpit and or pubic growth.

“Bare is a true gauge of equality. Anatomically, all nude men are the same. The significant discrepancy being some have more body hair than others.”

~Roger Poladopoulos~

Jason Vario with face and head stubble!

Publicly, Jason similarly dismisses and/or refutes gossip and rumors that he either shaves or trims his body hair. “It’s not my style” is his standard comment.

The attention and curiosity that both Daymin and Jason generate regarding return us to today’s topic here at ReNude Pride: fur. Specifically, nude or not, is it now an acceptable practice for men within our same gender loving community to have natural body hair?

Frequently and incessantly, debates have raged between the hairies and the smoothies regarding body hair. I could never quite gather the purpose of the dilemma. It isn’t as though we are deciding a mandatory public policy. Convenience are the two determining factors on the body hair issue. Just as dining at home or in a restaurant, body hair or not is a distinctly individual decision. The outlandish conflict between the hairies group and the smoothies group is nothing more than public grandstanding and a complete waste of human effort, nerves and time. Nothing is ever resolved and the subtle feud remains smoldering even today.

Daymin Voss: hirsute!

To fur or not to fur – to be hairy or not – may no longer invoke all the emotional and heated fervor and passions it once delivered.

Sigh of relief over that fact.

However, it does remain simmering just below the surface. Fur-troversy is ever-ready to embroil and inflame us all once again! Whether moderate, profuse or sparse, body hair is a decision each individual makes for themselves. It is an inalienable right based on our own personal preference and health and safety factors. The general public may argue, criticize, debate and lament the matter as much as they feel necessary. However, in the end, each and every one of us is entitled to elect and pattern our own growth development or removal.

My personal philosophy on body fur is “to live and let live!” My preference is in favor of body hair but I do respect each person’s freedom to make their own determination, as does Aaron!


Aaron, my spouse, insists that I share this true anecdote with all of you!

Aaron once had a colleague who is also a bare practitioner and a very adamant and opinionated smoothie. He practically daily removed all his body hair for what he insinuated were hygiene purposes.

At one bare body function he arrived with a very noticeable and pronounced crop of body hair on his usually smooth physical form. He was in the process of complaining and ranting about being too busy to even think about being overwhelmed. Aaron then reached over, turned him around and inspected his buttocks. He then politely asked: “Does that mean that you haven’t bathed in a long while?”

Only my spouse can dramatically imitate smoothies reaction to his question!

Naked hugs!

Roger Poladopoulos/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The next post entry here is planned for Friday, January 28, 2022, and the proposed topic is: “S’Naked Virgin!”

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5 thoughts on “Fur-troversy!”

  1. Ok, you know I love a good portmanteau, so well-titled! Beyond that, I’m mellowing in my old age and will let others with more energy misspend it arguing about non-issues like body hair. For me, I’ll stay in your live and let live lane and assess body hair only as a factor of my personal attraction on a never/as-needed basis! 🙄🙄🙄
    Perhaps is the gay community stopped projecting individuals’ personal preferences/standards onto the community at large – no doubt as a means of personal validation people could truly and proudly live as they were created without fear of rejection. My best friend has nailed this, enthusiastically bringing a partner’s body hair into conversation whenever appropriate and effusively describing body hair – specifically “the pattern” and texture. Watching others reactions is priceless!

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