ReNude Pride and Me

Hello and welcome to this page about this blog, ReNude Pride, and also about me. My name is Roger Poladopoulos and I am the author of this site. I am a same gender loving (gay) man and I am a bare practitioner (naturist/nudist). I began this online journal as a tool for sharing my experiences of living clothes-free and proud in today’s modern world.

My purpose in publishing here is to encourage, promote and support bare living not only within the gay community but throughout our broader society as well. In expressing my thoughts and perspectives, I invite others to use the “comments” option to voice their opinions and ideas, as well as criticisms and suggestions so that we can all learn from one another and create a climate of understanding between the clothes-free and the clothes-wearing worlds.

There are some additional ideas behind the publishing of ReNude Pride. Rather than list them all here (again), here’s a link to my initial post: A Penny For My Thoughts: On ReNude Pride. 

I am definitely not an authority of the naturist/nudist community and don’t represent myself as being one. To my knowledge, there isn’t one single person or organization that is recognized as being the sole arbitrator on all aspects of social nudity. Rather, I am a man who enjoys being bare/naked/nude as often as possible and wherever it is possible.

I grew up in a textile (clothes-wearing) household where my identical twin brother and I were the only ones who preferred clothes-freedom (nudity). We were also both born Deaf. For a number of years, the rest of our family equated our Deafness and our nakedness as somehow being related. I think when Twin and I both “came-out” to our family as same gender loving (gay) that our parents began to realize that being nudist, Deaf and gay were in no way connected to each other.

I am married and we live in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area (Arlington, Virginia). I work in academia and my husband, Aaron, is employed at a local hospital (nursing). We met at a social nudity event in 2010 and were married on Saturday, August 15, 2015. We’re a mixed couple, Aaron is African-American and I’m Greek, Aaron is hearing (he knows American Sign Language) and as I mentioned above, I’m Deaf. When at home, we’re both almost always bare. We belong to several same gender loving (gay) social nudity groups in the Washington, D.C. area.

I do have other interests in my life aside from preferring to live clothes-free. I enjoy amateur photography, reading and, of course, creative writing. I play basketball, hike and volleyball and am a mediocre tennis player. I appreciate works of art but am sorely lacking in the talent area. I work-out at my local gym regularly and am extremely challenged in the culinary arts. Aaron is the cook and reigns supreme in our kitchen.

The photograph at the top of this page is not me! My photograph is posted below. The man featured in the heading has shaved or in someway removed his body hair, something that I would never do. I’m proud of all my body hair, as a matter of fact, I don’t shave anywhere below my neck; I daily use a razor to remove all facial and head hair.  This is a personal preference and I understand and support every other man in their right to determine what and how much body hair they can tolerate.


Please leave a comment in the designated section or send to me an email if you have any questions regarding any topic you encounter here. I am a friendly guy and look forward to communicating with all.


Thank you for visiting ReNude Pride!

Naked hugs!


20 thoughts on “ReNude Pride and Me”

  1. What is your opinion about nudism and sexuality ? Some naturists insist that the practice is not sexual at all. I disagree. My nudism is a joyful exhibition of my male sexuality. I practice it with other same gender loving men. Even if we are not in a state of arousal, and are not participating in a sexual activity, our mere nudity in each other’s company is a celebration of our physicality – our cocks and asses – that society demands we hide. I think the power of displaying the penis in any state is an expression of male sexuality.

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    1. Interesting outlook and thank you very much for posting your thoughts. As much as nudity IS a statement of sexuality, nudity itself doesn’t have to be sexual. My being clothes-free isn’t just about me being a same gender loving man, I’m clothes-free because I like the way that it makes me feel. It is up to each individual naturist/nudist to decide if their own nakedness is political or not. Naked hugs!

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    2. Naked Scott:
      Man, I couldn’t agree more. All you hear from other M/F nudist is how un-sexual it is. I thrive on being naked, feeling naked, exposing naked, unashamed naked, full arousal cock-naked, and showing off butt-assed naked. And, yes, I simply call my self a male nudist. But, nudist are a lover of the human bodies and all it’s many urges, needs, delights, and ‘passions’ – I feel it is like some form of dope—Once you show yourself naked —one can never go back, We are naked nudist addicts. Bravo to you for confronting a truth, that is rarely, if ever spoken of. We are human and have natural human sexual feeling while nude. Bending over in public is not a simple —I. bent over—I bent over and felt exposed showing off my rear man-hood. And it feels awesome and can make a man/woman observing you filled with a ‘guilty-pleasure. I worship my nudist Dad’s bodily expressions at home and he finds pleasure is seeing that I am in pleasure. It’s all so basic. So natural. So common. We must confront being nudist as sexual pleasures also.
      Naked Johnny

      *I am in a bad habit of never proof-reading my words. Sorry, if I seem over-excited and unexplainable in my word choices. Let’s see how it reads once I post. Maybe Kenn, Roger or someone else looks stuff over and edits the bigger flaws in our expressions ?

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  2. Hi, Roger! I find this discussion very interesting. My opinion is very much like yours. Nudity doesn’t have to be sexual. When a man sees a woman’s face, he doesn’t immediately become sexually stimulated. But when he’s sexually stimulated of course he sees every part of the woman as sexual and not just the genitals. Nudity itself isn’t sexual. You can attend a nudist church service and sex would probably be the last thing on your mind. So a nudist event is just like a clothed event as far as sexuality goes. It doesn’t have to be sexual but if two or more participants of the event are sexually interested in each other (just as in a clothed situation), they may meet later for their own sexual activity. It has nothing to do with nudity. It’s all about human sexuality and it’s the same in both a nudist scenario and a clothed one.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to enter your comment here. I hope that you are enjoying what you’re reading here. Please continue to share your thoughts. Naked hugs!


      1. Roger: My like ‘button’ on here is NOT working. It does noting. Hope its a temporary glitch. I was searching around on here ( I get so confused as I am not so savvy on ‘puter stuff. Is there a way you can make sure I’m still a member. I see my pic so I take it I am. But, I may have jostled something with my fat fingers and lost something. Hope not.

        Let’s all stay as naked nudist as we can possibly be — in and out of doors. LIVE NAKED !

        Naked Johnny

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