President’s Day Weekend, 2017

Here in the USA, today, Monday, February 20, is the day that we honor all of the presidents of the country, the ones living and those deceased. I guess this month was selected because two of the earliest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, were born in February. As today is a national holiday, it is also the final three-day weekend of the winter season. For the past eight years, a fellow gay naturist/nudist friend of ours always invites between six to eight same gender loving bare couples to his home (near the Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Virginia) to spend the entire weekend, clothes-free, of course.

I was first invited here in 2010, just months before Aaron and I met. I think our host was somewhat infatuated with me and that was the reason that I was added to his guest list. Since 2011, Aaron and I have always been invited as a couple and we haven’t missed a President’s Day weekend (not even due to snow).

He is very well set, financially, and his home is huge. The entire second floor contains eight different bedroom suites (bedroom, bathroom and a sitting/reading area) plus the master bedroom. From the second floor balcony, you can see the Blue Ridge Mountain range in the distance when facing west. None of us ever know what type of job he holds (or even if he works) and this could very well be old family money that he’s inherited. He is a generous man and a well-known philanthropist in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

One of the many amenities of his house is a huge heated indoor pool. As we’re always nude, the pool offers the focal point for socializing with the other guests and everyone enjoys skinny-dipping (naked swimming) especially when the grounds are covered in snow. So comfortable while inside and bare when the outside temperatures often drop to below freezing. There are no close neighbors and we’ve even gone out into the grounds s’naked.

Given the number of guests for this annual long-weekend sleepover, there’s never a dull moment for anyone nor shortage of activities to occupy our time. Cards and charades are the favored evening activities for Friday and Sunday nights and Bob (our host) always selects a movie for us all to view together Saturday night after dinner. During the daytime, the pool is the main attraction as well as board games, table tennis (ping-pong), billiards (pool) and video games. His library is always available if anyone wants to read.

If the weather permits, we are free to roam the grounds and one year it was warm enough for us to play a modified basketball game, nude, of course. Surprisingly, the time always manages to fly past every day, often leaving us all wondering: “Where did the day go?”.

We all contribute in the luncheon preparation and clean-up every day that we’re there. Since 2012, Aaron usually prepares  dinner for everyone on Friday evening. He’s an excellent cook and everyone fawns over his meal. This year, he fixed kotapilafi (chicken and rice) using my paternal grandmother’s recipe (Greek). It honestly tasted almost as good as I remember my Grandmother’s being. He is indeed talented in the kitchen and I admit to being jealous of his abilities. My contribution to the meal was translating yaya’s (grandmother’s) recipe from Greek into English. I also chopped vegetables for the salad. My culinary skills are practically nonexistent.

This year, Aaron and I have spent the majority of our free time in the pool. We both enjoy being “aqua-nudes” and we haven’t been anywhere to skinny-dip (swim naked) since the early autumn. The gym where we are members doesn’t have an indoor pool. We know that we need to take advantage of this opportunity while we have it.

At the risk of offending anyone (not my intention), but this President’s Day weekend is much better being bare with other same gender loving couples than sitting at home and watching our election-stealing president make a complete fool of himself! There are just some things in life that just can’t be helped!

Happy President’s Day weekend!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride



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