Does Size Matter?

The often asked question – with a myriad of responses, some valid and others plainly based on conjecture and/or myth. Does the size of a man’s flaccid (soft, non-erect) penis really matter? Is it all really that important? In a completely asexual world, the answer is probably no. However, we live in a very sexualized world that is very much attuned towards all things physical. That being the case, then more than likely the question’s reply changes to a very emphatic “yes!” Size definitely becomes a primary factor in determining how a man is perceived in the world and, most importantly, how a man sees himself .

We all know that the measure of a man is much more than any of his physical attributes. Aspects such as integrity, honor, respect, honesty and compassion are important and in many cases supersede any physical characteristic. Yet in today’s world, they somehow are lost and appearance assumes a primary if not sole determination in what makes a man. In the case of the male species, nowhere is this even doubted when it comes to the size of a man’s penis.

No matter what guys may tell you, all men, regardless of their gender attraction, are curious as to how they “measure-up” when it involves their manhood (penis). At the gym, I’ve noticed a multitude of men surreptitiously stealing a glance at my penis while walking to and from the shower room. And trust me, I know they all can’t be gay. If that were true, my gym would have to apply for a license to hold a gay and bisexual pride festival on the premises.

Heterosexual men are just as curious about how they fall on the “penile spectrum” as do same gender loving (gay) and dual gender loving (bisexual) men. Comparing one’s penis size to others is as natural to all men as honey is to bees. The only difference is that most gay and bisexual are more than likely to honestly admit to doing so. Fear of being perceived as being homosexual or bisexual probably is the major reason the majority of “other” men are reluctant to acknowledge this habit or otherwise deny it.


Yet despite their denial, we all know they do. Which goes back to the original question, does the size of a man’s flaccid (soft) penis really matter? In the eyes of many men, yes it does. In the masculine mind, the size of the penis is somehow indicative of his sexual prowess. I guess the bigger the penis the greater the sexual satisfaction. But then that begs another question; For which partner? Does a bigger penis ensure the level of satisfaction for the man with the large penis or does it provide greater satisfaction for his sexual partner, irregardless of gender?

The reality is not a surprise to many. It isn’t the size of the non-erect male genital that measures the level of sexual satisfaction for either the man or his partner. The size of the erection is also no guarantee of sexual gratification for either partner. It’s what a man does with his erect penis that will determine the amount of pleasure both he and his partner derive from their encounter.

The myth that size matters has been around almost as long as humanity. A well-endowed man may make others curious, but it is no indicator of the amorous skills of the man. That measurement only comes from their sexual partner.

All penises are different, with some being smaller, others being larger, some being slender, others being thicker, some being circumcised, others being uncircumcised, as are the skills and techniques of their owners when in a sexual relationship. It is these abilities that determine the sexual fulfillment of their partners, not the size of their genitalia.

Similarly, the satisfaction level of their partners will vary from individual to individual. No two persons are identical and what is good for one may be lacking for another. What makes one person happy may leave another person feeling deprived.

What is important to remember for all, bare practitioners (nudists/naturists) and textile (clothes wearing) alike is that the size of a man’s penis is of no concern for anyone except that individual’s sexual partner. The genital size doesn’t determine the level of masculinity or manliness no more than the color of his eyes.

On the next visit to a clothes-free event or clothing optional facility, leave the stereotypes about a penis size at home. Just be proudly bare and enjoy!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

14 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?”

  1. YES and NO dear Roger. Me as bisex. man who like to have sex with women and men realize, that – for me – my 8″ penis is welcome to women AND men. When I am on my “gay and bi” nudist place, men like to see me hard and like to give oral to me. Same I like more to give a BJ to the biger size then on a smal penis. For the women I have pleasure with, they tell me, it’s a nice feeling to get a big one in her. And for me, a small tight pussy is nice to penetrate so I can feel her better and “come” easy.


  2. I am short legged and so my “bulge” is noticed. I find many people men and woman checking me out. I think the obsession with size is others comparing themselves to their own junk. Size is an obsession with most men. Just saying. Ivan.

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  3. Thanks for confirming what every guy believes but the “experts” say doesn’t matter. The size of your penis is a measure of masculinity for every guy and when he checks himself against others, it does things to his self-esteem – either good or bad, depending on size. The small-dicked lobbyists will tell you that size doesn’t matter but there’s some self-preservation involved there. Thanks again for telling it like it is.

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  4. Nice post Roger. All I can comment on is that; “It is what it is”. As a naturist if you can’t be comfortable in your own skin and be concerned of what’s down there, then you might as well stay indoors. Stay Bare and Naked Hugs. Fabien

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