A Penny For My Thoughts: Formal Bare

A formal bare pose in a typical classical setting, or a classical bare pose in a typical formal setting? I suppose it is entirely up to the beholder to determine the title for this posting. Either way, it serves the purpose of highlighting the fact that yes, within the world of bare practitioners (naturists/nudists), there are an infinite number of poses and/or settings that can be considered “formal” or “classical” that has nothing whatsoever to do with the attire (what is or ins’t) adorning (concealing) the subject’s body.


Some people falsely believe that it’s impossible to be a “formal” bare practitioner or that naturists/nudists cannot have a “classical” pose or stance. Yet many have a formal garden, although it may be natural, it is landscaped by humans. As for a classical pose, look at any of the numerous works of art created by humans. Anyone, regardless of their clothing status, can easily imitate or assume one of the stances featured and replicate the piece of art.

Similarly, “formal” and “classic” can, and often do, refer to more than just attire or clothing. It can, and does, also mean setting, environment and style or way of doing something. In these cases, a naturist/nudist, just as the gentleman in the above photo, is indeed reflecting a classical or formal mood based simply on his surroundings.

It is obvious to many who are viewing the above picture that the setting is an outdoor garden because of the fresh flowers. An additional hint is gleaned from the columns and the the grass in the far background.  In the forefront of the image we see our bare subject and the statuary and head-bust beside him. A formal garden in a very classical surrounding.

I like the image. I especially appreciate the seductive grin on the face of the gentleman. It’s as though he knows that he’s in a “formal” or “classic” pose but he’s offering his own magic to the setting in order to attract the viewer, to entice them into a little corner of his proud and bare world. He wants your attention and he gets it. Sly devil!

If there needs to be a moral or lesson in this post, I imagine it should be something like this: don’t overlook the obvious.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “A Penny For My Thoughts: Formal Bare”

  1. This guy looks wonderful with his erect penis. It is not a problem for a nudist man to show a erect penis. I see his smile in his face and he really good know, that his penis get a attention. The location in this garden is wonderful. I too made such pictures of me in a garden. They are in my blogspot to see. – keep it nude – Bernie


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