Interview: “Newbie” Nude Vinnie

As a continuation of my feature series of interviews with my fellow clothes-freedom loving bloggers, it is my pleasure to introduce to those of you reading here, Vinnie, the author of two blogs here on His first blog, Vinnieh, (click title to view) focuses on movie reviews and entertainment news. I started following this blog when I was initially publishing my older blog. He lives in the United Kingdom. His newer blog, begun this past Spring, is named Buns Are All That You Require, which offers his views of life, sexuality and is most definitely not suitable for work and contains adult content. This blog is where he’s posted his nude exploits.

In his second blog, Vinnie has written of his recent experiences with clothes-free living, hence my title here on ReNude Pride in introducing hims as a “newbie” nude or newcomer to nudity (nakedness). Although Vinnie is a relative novice at living bare, he has expressed his willingness to participate in further exploring social nudity and in gaining both experience and knowledge as a bare practitioner.

I approached Vinnie about sharing his thoughts on being naked as the subject of an interview for this site. He readily agreed to do so. Continue reading to gain some insight into the clothes-free life.


1.  Growing up, what were you taught about being seen nude by others? Also, did you ever skinny-dip with your friends? If so, please tell us about it. 

Well, growing (up), nudity was really not made that much of a deal of. I would occasionally see my parents naked in the house, but their liberated attitude made me think being bare wasn’t a bad thing. At first, it was a tad embarrassing but after some time, it felt natural. I wouldn’t say my folks were nudists or anything, but they weren’t prudes or obstinate. I skinny-dipped once for a dare, I found it very fun and would love to do it again.

2.  Where do you live now and where did you grow up? What are the attitudes toward public nudity (social nudity) in these places? How have those attitudes affected you personally? 

Well, at the moment, I’ve recently moved back into the house with my folks. But for sixteen years, I lived on a great road and that was where I grew up. I don’t think anyone was particularly nude-minded, not from what I saw. But they could well have been behind closed doors.

3.  Do you have any friends who are naturist/nudist? Have you shared your nude experience with them? Why or why not?

Not particularly. Well, not that I know of. I think I’ve spoken before about my occasional nudism and a lot of them think it’s pretty ace. Live and let live.

4.  You’ve recently written on your blog that you “did the full Monty (nudity) for charity.” What prompted you to do this? Did anyone convince you to do this? Were you nervous about doing this? Please describe the experience for us.

Well, I was asked by a friend to take part. It was to raise money for testicular cancer and it was a good cause. I will admit, I may have been a bit apprehensive, but it was pretty fun, too. Once the music started, everything fell into place and it was a good laugh. The audience reaction was ecstatic and it was all in the name of raising money.

5.  You’ve recently written on your blog, Buns Are All That You Require, that you’ve had several experiences since your charity involvement with being nude outdoors. How often and where? Are you alone or with others? How does it feel being bare in nature? 

Well, mainly in my garden (yard). I enjoy the breeze on my body and the refreshment of being bare. I’ve done this a few times. It is mainly by myself though a girl joined me (which is another more naughty story) recently. Being bare among nature is a great, freeing experience.

6.  How has being nude affected the way you see yourself? And others?

I would say it’s helped me be more positive about my body and at ease. I feel more confident in my own skin.

7.  Are there any naturist/nudist groups or associations that you’d like to join? Would you ever take a nakation (naked + vacation = nakation)?   If so, where? If not, why not? 

At the moment, I’m just happy being nude by myself, really. But I may change in the future. As for a nakation, I’d go somewhere tropical to be one with nature. An island would be lovely.


I am grateful to Vinnie for his efforts in making this interview happen. As a “newbie” nude, he’s in the bare spirit of being without guilt or shame over allowing others to view his nudity. Please remember to check out his blog-sites: Vinnieh (movies and entertainment) and Buns Are All That You Require (NSFW – adult content). Click on his blog titles to go directly to them.

Here are a listing of his posts that offer details of his experiments in nudity. Once again, clicking the titles will take you to the specific article. Another Scorcher, Have You Ever Been To A Nude Beach? and lastly, Some Naughty And Revealing Facts About Me. I encourage all of you to read what he’s written. A gentle reminder that the above posts all appear on his adult content site.

Don’t forget to visit Vinnie’s place on ReNude Pride’s Page of FameThis will be available in the afternoon on the date of publication here.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. Awesome Roger. I’ve followed Vinnieh a while now with his movie and television blogs that I always find fascinating. I’m glad he was able to share this side of himself with you and us. Stay Bare. Fabien

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