Beach Playfulness or Denying Truthfulness

One week from today, September 4, is the annual Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. For many meteorologists, this holiday marks the unofficial end of Summer. Many resort hotels and establishment reduce their guest prices as they, too, see this as the end of the major tourist and travel season. However, for those of us who are avid bare practitioners (naturists/nudists), we hold sacred the final day of Summer on September 21. What’s good enough for the calendar is fine for all of us!

Today’s post is playful and fun as this is also the last week of August and I have blog entries scheduled for every day this week. Tomorrow’s post is my usual “Reflection” post that comes at the end of each month. On Wednesday, I’m publishing my traditional “Bottom’s-Up!” post that normally would appear the last day of the month. This shifting of dates is due to the Twentieth Anniversary of the death of HRH Diana, Princess of Wales which is the subject of a post in her memory on the anniversary date, August 31.

The above video clip shows a guy, same gender loving (gay) actor and model, Dallas “Flashman” Wade, preparing for a video shoot, pacing back and forth with his hands obscuring his genitalia. Unbeknownst to him, he is not the only male on the planet to have a penis. His fellow actors, in the background, are not even attempting to conceal theirs. A piece of unsolicited advice to “Flashman:” Be proud of yourself and who you are! 

Your total nudity, including your penis, is nothing to be embarrassed about. Especially seeing as how your pictures of your bare body are in magazines and all over the internet. In the video short, shown below, you allude to the fact that you have a penis by waving a stick around as though it were your manhood.


The humor in the stick substitute of your penis is totally lost when you allow others to see your shame by concealing your male member. The excessive modesty of the second video short allows us to forget to laugh when we see it after the first video clip.

Several years ago, Mr. Wade made his debut into the gay bare practicing (naturist/nudist) community through modelling – almost always nude or else in wearing underwear briefs. Some of his full-nudity photographs are shown below.


Even though he’s following the photographer’s direction, it’s obvious to all that he’s comfortable with his nudity and isn’t bothered by being the only one naked in front of the camera. Professional photo-shoots rarely, if ever, involve just the photographer and her/his subject. There’s always other crew-members about.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I seriously enjoy Dallas “Flashman” Wade’s antics in his videos and stills. He seems to be a very entertaining, funny and playful man. I just wish that he’d show a little more pride in his nudity. There are many young people today who are struggling to accept themselves as they are without having someone who could possibly exert a positive influence in their lives showing us shame in his. If you’re going to be naked, then body-shame, in any form, in my humble opinion, simply isn’t an option.


And the same holds true regarding one’s sexuality. If you’re same gender loving, then admit that you’re gay. Don’t deny your sexuality if you’re acknowledging that you’re “gay-friendly,” then denying that you’re attracted to men and at the same time refusing to respond to the question of your bisexuality. If you’re discussing sexual attractions, it is not a good practice to deny one possibility and then refuse to discuss all others. There’s nothing wrong with keeping one’s private life private.

However, when you entertain the topic of your sexuality, don’t deny one aspect and remain silent on all the options. That omission or silence implies shame. We’re living in an age where most of us are very savvy to the innuendo of the unspoken and unacknowledged. If you open the door for one, then be prepared to let it all inside. The messages conveyed very well may not be the ones intended.

Decades ago, the “closet doors” were unhinged. Don’t waste energy trying to pretend it never happened.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

7 thoughts on “Beach Playfulness or Denying Truthfulness”

  1. Great post, thanks. And I am glad to see an erect penis for a change. All too often, we are shamed into some kind of false idea that this is obscene. It is just one more state of male beauty!!

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  2. As naturists we often judge too harshly males who might get an erection on a nude beach. Understandably in a mixed group it might be offensive but I find if in the company of same gender loving setting, why not? Great blog. Stay Bare and Naked Hugs.

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