Cooling Off!

Although this may be the first day of September, 2017, the Summer season isn’t over just yet. The season do not officially change until September 22, despite what the meteorologists preach. The early days of this month often can be among the hottest of the year and the humidity doesn’t simply pack-up and disappear because the calendar shows a new month. Like all the other seasons, Summer has a habit of lingering also. It’s too soon to put away the sunscreen and light a fire in your hearth.


It’s still a beneficial idea to think of some creative ways to escape the excessive heat that that accompanies this time of the year. The above image was selected to demonstrate an extreme measure of cooling off, so please ignore the can of cold beer the man is drinking. Alcohol is not a recommended beverage to keep the body hydrated and comfortable. It may be a favorite of multitudes but with heat, it possibly may prove hazardous to health. Water is much safer and is the liquid our body knows how to best utilize.


There’s no doubt that September’s can be a very hot month. All the more reason to remember two important items as Summer, 2017, begins to wind down. First and foremost is that any amount of sun exposure can and does damage skin. Continue to use sunscreen to protect and preserve a healthy body.  It’s a habit that we can all life with.

Secondly, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to help cool off your body and quench your thirst. When we become hot, our bodies release moisture (perspiration/sweat) in order to cool. This moisture that is released needs to be regularly replenished, and the best resource for moisture-replacement is water. A lack of water may cause severe health issues and in extreme cases can be fatal. Always remember to drink plenty of water, especially when outside.

Have fun and drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, especially water! Be safe, not sorry!

Naked hugs!

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