Labor Day Holiday, USA

Today, September 4, is the annual Labor Day holiday here in the USA. This is the date set aside by the U.S. Congress to honor the endeavors and labors of this country’s workforce and their contributions to the national economy and nation’s well-being. This holiday has no fixed date as it is customarily observed on the first Monday of September every year. It is also one of the few holidays in the USA that isn’t related to either a patriotic or a religious theme. Sort of an everyman’s (or everyperson’s) holiday.


Labor Day here also marks the unofficial end to the summer season. Most public school districts begin their academic year shortly after Labor Day as do private and public universities. The majority of families take their annual vacations before the holiday so as to avoid conflicting with their child’s school year.

Among bare practitioners (naturists/nudists), we are delighted that Labor Day happens prior to the start of the Autumn season. Most travel destinations, in particular hotels and restaurants, lower their rates after Labor Day. This enables us to take advantage of the final weeks of summer while enjoying reduced room prices and menu items. Many bare or clothing-optional resorts gift shops offer items for sale at discounted prices. An added bonus to living life without the burden of garments! wordpressReflectionsBassPool

Labor Day, more than anything else, is also the last three-day holiday weekend of the summer season. For those of us who enjoy the sand, surf and sun, we have to wait until Memorial Day (the end of May, 2018) for another opportunity such as this!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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