Tell-Tale Sign: Tan-Lines

No matter how hard some men may try, there’s simply no escaping it. If you’ve been wearing your swim-suit all season long, every time you’re at the beach or pool. the first time that you decide to go bare, it’s going to be obvious to all: ‘This is one of the few times that you’ve been nude in your birthday suit this summer.” It just isn’t possible to fool Mother Nature and all your bare brethren.

Nothing short of the sunshine can offer any of us a smooth and even skin tone all over our body. Men have tried for decades to develop an “instant tan” creme or lotion help disguise the fact that yes, we’ve been guilty of wearing a swim-suit at times. However, so far human technology hasn’t been able to replicate this miraculous wonder of nature.


Tan-lines have sometimes been referred to as the “Caucasian curse” as it seems that this affliction (a tan-line) is more pronounced or noticeable on Caucasian people than any other of mankind’s races. The couple strolling together in the above photographs definitely prove this to be the case. But it is important for us all to remember that every race will have some semblance of a “tan-line” unless they are nude the majority of the time throughout the year.


The three gentlemen in the above picture remind us of this truth. Even though they’re clearly of either African or Southeast Asian descent, all three of them exhibit evidence of a tan-line (for lack of a better term) on their buttocks. It isn’t as blatant as the tan-line on the Caucasian duo, it nonetheless exists. Irrefutable evidence that the threesome did wear at least a bikini-style swim-suit on previous excursions into sunlight.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not being judgmental here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a tan-line. In fact, among some gay men, it’s a “badge of honor” and there are those within the same gender loving male community who find a tan-line “sexy” (physically attractive) and desirous. To each man, his own personal preferences. The “tan-line look” (style) just doesn’t happen to appeal to me.

I do feel that it takes a great deal of courage to proudly strut onto a clothing-optional or bare beach, particularly this late into the Summer (Northern Hemisphere), with a very visible tan-line. I’ll give this much credit to those men who do so. I know that I could never do that – at least, not anywhere where I may see someone that I know!


Tan-lines are nature’s way of reminding us that the best way to avoid them is to stay out of the sun completely or else, stay out of clothing all summer-long. The idea of keeping myself clothes-free throughout the season is the better option for me!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

15 thoughts on “Tell-Tale Sign: Tan-Lines”

  1. No tan line is definitely the best option and off goes the swimsuit!!! Nude is better. You just need to be transparent to others that nudity is your preferred option when it comes to going to the beach or staying at the pool. This who really love you will let you live as you wish and who knows, they may join you!

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