USA: Patriot Day

In the USA, today is Patriot’s Day, a time when we pause and reflect on the many thousands of lives lost and the tens of thousands of lives impacted by the terrorist attacks from the air on The Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Although not an official holiday (governments, banks and businesses remain open), it is a time for everyone to dedicate a moment out of the day and remember those who were killed and injured doing the most ordinary task and routine: living.

Naked hugs!

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4 thoughts on “USA: Patriot Day”

  1. Huh? I thought Patriot’s Day was in April and commemorated Paul Revere’s ride and several early battles of the revolutionary war. It often gets merged\confused with Evacuation Day which is actually a month earlier and commemorates the British departure from Boston Harbor. Am I confused?

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  2. I did a little research. I think we’re both right. The difference is ” s’ “. Patriots’ Day is a STATE holiday celebrated in Mass. and a few other states (schools are closed, etc.). Patriot Day is completely unrelated. I guess this is another lesson in “punctuation is important”, lol.

    Here’s a link to explain:'_Day

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