End of Month Reflections: October, 2017

Once again, it is the end of yet another month, October, 2017. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first full month of our Autumn season. The weather is fast becoming cooler outside and the leaves of the trees are beginning to change their colors. From now on, they will die and the trees will once more become barren until our next Spring season arrives.

For those of us who write and publish nudecentric blogs, our task now enters into a challenging phase. What to write about now that it’s too cold to be bare outside? 

Some may become frustrated with the task of writing about being clothes-free outside when it’s really too cold to even entertain the very thought of venturing outdoors. However, nudity is not limited to merely being bare outside – living without clothes isn’t a “fair weather” restriction. There are any number of topics and scenarios that concern us and interest us. I also have a number of readers who live in the Southern Hemisphere, so while it’s winter here, it’s the summer there.

My good friend, nude brother and blogging buddy, Rob, author of the site, Real Timethis month launched another site, Masculine PerspectivesClick on the title to view. This new blog offers his thoughts and opinions on issues concerning men regardless of their sexuality and racial identity. I highly recommend it to all men who seek and honest perspective on a variety of topics as to what it means to be a man living in the 21st Century. This site is Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) but it is indeed on point and very informative. Please take a look at both of his sites and follow them.

Young Naturists of America (YNA), the young adult organization of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) announced this month that they are disbanding by the end of the current calendar year. My understanding from the limited information that I have read is that there was a serious lack of support from the older, or perhaps I should use established, naturist/nudist organizations and the persistent yet unfounded rumor that the YNA was a profit-driven entity. In the seven years of their existence, they did achieve some positive changes within the mainstream naturist/nudist communities (such as ending discrimination against transgender naturists, the end of the ban on nipple and other anatomical jewelry, and the end of gender ratios at nude events, destinations, etc.).

I want to go on record here, at ReNude Pride, in applauding YNA for the changes that they spearheaded and for their efforts in promoting positive images of our naturist/nudist living within the United States. I commend their accomplishments and wish them all my best.

To everyone reading here who celebrates the occasion, Happy Halloween!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

3 thoughts on “End of Month Reflections: October, 2017”

  1. You’ve written a very sweet article, Rog; one that reminds and prepares those of us who either live and/or work in a colder climate area for this time of year, or who may have to travel to one occasionally. And you’re right: outdoors isn’t the only place to enjoy being nude, although it can put a cramp on things for those of us who are naturists who appreciate warmer temperatures. On my days off from work, I spend a great deal of time being nude at home. I simply find it pointless (for me) to get up after a night’s rest, take a shit, shower and shave, then put on clothing. I never saw nor appreciated any point in wearing clothing…other than perhaps, a pair underwear or jockstrap, if I’m not going out anywhere or expecting guests. Thus, I’ve always preferred to stay nude all day long during warm days in the months of Spring and those in Fall/Autumn. I’m nude nearly all the time at home during the summer season. During Winter or cold months – although my home is warm enough, sometimes it isn’t. In those instances, it’s not healthy (for a man my age) to be completely nude, even though I want to be. To compensate, I try to wear as little clothing as possible – which is usually just my robe or a pair of old sweat pants. Although I’m wearing the sweat pants, I’m still bare-chested and my feet are bare/sockless (as usual when I’m home). Depending on one’s frame of mind, I believe that semi-nudity – in the manner I just mentioned, is or can be almost as relaxing and comfortable as full nudity.
    ** Switching gears:**
    Rog, thank you for mentioning my blogs ‘Real Time’ and my newest blog ‘Masculine Perspectives’ in your article! I appreciate both that and your support more than you know! Stay bare, my good friend.
    Naked hugs and a gentle tug. 😎

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    1. My bare blogging buddy and friend, when I discovered your new site, Masculine Perspectives, I knew that I could never forgive myself if I didn’t share it with my readers here! As for Real Time, it has been the first of my recommended sites since I returned to blogging here with this publisher. Thank you for your kind words, your friendship, for keeping us all real and for being you! Naked hugs and a special gentle tug back to you, man!

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