A Halloween Picnic

This weekend is the weekend before the Halloween celebrations here in the USA. In the accompanying photograph, I’m posing in my 2012 Halloween costume – a mask with a salmon-colored “clip-on” bow-tie – and, obviously wearing nothing but my natural skin. A very comfortable and enjoyable costume for me. The only stress that I recall encountering that year was in trying to put on the tie that clipped-on in the back. Thankfully I had my then-boyfriend, Aaron (who’s now my legal spouse) to help me get the clip fastened.

It was an unusually moderate (temperature-wise) October that year. The Monday before the weekend leading up to the actual Halloween date (October 31), Aaron and I made a last minute decision to host a daytime picnic riverside at a secluded park about a two-hour drive from our home.

We invited five other same gender loving (gay)  bare practicing (naturist/nudist) couples to join us. Each couple was responsible for bringing with them a main dish and snacks to share, as well as a costume. The weather was perfect for being entirely clothes-free and the majority of our friend brought only masks to wear.

The only negative aspect to the outing on that day was the fact that we couldn’t skinny-dip in the river. The outdoor temperatures were warm. However, recent rains had raised the water level and the fast-moving currents kept the water too cool for bare swimming. The afternoon breeze in the air meant that even though we’d dry off fast once out of the water, it was still too chilly to swim.

Wearing this mask reminded me of the reason I dislike masks. The mask kept slipping on my head, covering my eyes. I had to continually push the mask up onto the bridge of my nose in order to see. After an hour or so, it became very annoying.

After socializing and eating our picnic, we played “Bare Twister” using our Twister games and our nude bodies. The combination of the two offered us some very interesting contortions and fun. Unfortunately, that was about all the time that we had along the riverfront. The late October sun began the descent from the sky that shortened our afternoon festivities.

The daytime fun was over, in plenty of time for the evening’s festivities to begin!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

Author’s Note: The photograph shows me at the 2012 Halloween picnic, as captured by my own “private” photographer, my spouse, Aaron. I’ve uploaded both this image and another from the same event on the Bare With Me page here. To see both pictures, click on the page title.  

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