Mother’s Day Weekend

This upcoming Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day in the USA. It is a date, always the second Sunday in May, that is set aside for celebrating and honoring mothers and the job that they do. In this country, the date was designated through a proclamation issued by then-president Woodrow Wilson in 1914. It has been the same date ever since, the second Sunday in May. The occasion is not limited to just the USA. The date may be different but almost every country has a day for honoring mothers and motherhood.

Below is a listing of when certain countries have their observances. This listing is by no means all encompassing and was compiled from a posting at holidays. (click link to view).

4th Sunday of Lent:           Ireland, Nigeria, UK    Mothering Sunday

March 21 (Spring Equinox)  Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia

1st Sunday in May              Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain

2nd Sunday in May             Brazil, Greece, India, Kenya, South Africa, Venezuela

2nd Sunday in October       Malawi

3rd Sunday in October        Argentina

Of course, there exists a diversity in the make-up of families all over the world. Some of us were cared for and raised by women who were not our birth-mothers. On this date, it is appropriate to celebrate those loving and nurturing women as well. If some of us were raised entirely by men, then it is fine to show appreciation to them, as well.

To Mothers and Their Memory, Everywhere:

Happy Mother’s Day

Naked hugs!

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