Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2018, is Father’s Day here in the USA. It isn’t a public holiday as it is observed on the third Saturday in June, annually. It is, however, a day where we all try to honor our fathers, as we did our mothers on the second Sunday in May. We also commemorate fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in our society. It is held on many different days throughout the world with the most common being during the months of March, April and June.


This day is about a celebration of family, whether it is a “birth” family or one created through adoption. As stated above, a time to honor the paternal bonds that bind us to our natural fathers or those who have become important and inspirational father figures within our own lives.

Each family unit determines how they observe this occasion. That is the special appeal and beauty of this day, they is no universal or established format to follow. It is entirely left to our own creativity and genius to decide what works best for us. We make it work and we make it happen.

My own father is a man who’s actions and example communicated the ideals of fatherhood as opposed to a discussion. He constantly demonstrated and continues to demonstrate the concepts of what a “good” father is and should be. I am grateful for the lessons that he shared through showing instead of commanding or dictating.

The following scenario that I found online several weeks ago exemplify the roles of father and father-figures in our lives. Author’s Note: “Time out” is a tool often used by parents in disciplining their child(ren). It involves the child being placed in a quiet space in order to think about their behavior. 








The above video clips serve to underscore the ultimate Father’s Day message: unconditional love. From father to child and vice-versa. 

Happy Father’s Day!

Naked hugs!

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