Nudescapes: A Collection #3

Author’s Note: Last summer, I published two posts here on “nudescapes” (nude + landscape or seascape). To visit those two, click on the title: Nudescape: A Collection or the second, Nudescapes: A Collection #2. This post is a continuation in this series.

The lens of a camera is, upon reflection, nothing more than a substitute for the canvas and brush of an artist. It is an image, captured in a precise moment in time, that conveys to us the viewer a message from either the artist or the photographer. It is up to us, the viewer (“beholder”) to accept the view and the message or to reject it. Photography, like any other work of art, depends upon the acceptance and appreciation of the viewer.

In an overwhelming majority of instances, most of us will never truly know the intended message any photographer wanted to share. There are too many outlets for photographs to be shared and far too few avenues for the camera-person to offer their intention. Unless the meaning is blatant, it is up to us the person seeing the image to substitute our own interpretation.

Nudescapes offer us the scenic beauty and wonder of our natural environment coupled with the amazing nudity of our fellow humanity. The best of both worlds combined into one natural naturist spectacular. Please accept my humble offerings for your visual pleasure here.


There’s no doubt that the guy above is skinny-dipping (swimming nude). Unless his swimsuit is too large and floating away and out of the range of the lens, he’s definitely clothes-free. Perhaps the photographer captured him just as he emerged from swimming or maybe just as he’s entering the water and acclimating his body to the temperature, we’ll never really know. During the summer heat, the man and the image look refreshing.


In this picture, the guy is either unwrapping himself to lay on his blanket and sunbathe or else his day in the sun is over and he is wrapping himself in his blanket. Either way, he appears content and the ocean in the background looks inviting. Neither the photographer nor the subject seem concerned over displaying his full-frontal nudity.


The above photo is intriguing and mysterious. Did the camera catch this man in the midst of some ritual of nature or sun worship, in the act of prayer or just the mere act of stretching after a brief nap on the forest floor? We’ll never know for certain but whatever the story behind the image, it does reflect a comfortable and soothing setting. It isn’t difficult to understand one using this spot for contemplation and reflection.


When we think of nudescapes, I generally picture a scene that is natural and devoid of any construction. However, this picture caught my attention not because of the structure to the right but the fact that it reminded me of a nudist resort in Florida, USA. The elements of nature are present with the plants, trees and ocean and, of course, the man who is walking in this natural state. It is indeed a magnificent nudescape!


Some pictures, just with their message, turn themselves into what I consider a nudescape. The man in the above is positive proof that not all “perfect” moments are planned in advance. With his swimsuit at his feet, he’s providing the ideal bare profile as he enjoys the relaxing and invigorating cascade of water over his body. A true photo to convince others to try being naked in nature at least once this summer! Sometimes, nude spontaneity offers great photo opportunities.


Landscape, nudescape, seascape now how about a new one, “sandscape?” A photograph that offers not only all four themes but is also worthy enough to be classified as art in and of itself! The guy above is being very diligent in this work and probably completely unaware that in doing so he is, essentially, becoming the subject of an entirely different work of art: this photo. The design that he’s making in the sand is interesting and obviously time consuming.

wordpressSkinnyDippingteachDivingHThere are many nudescapes that capture our imagination for myriad reasons. One that is worth recounting here is one that is near and dear to my own heart: education. The teaching aspect of passing onto others a certain skill or talent so as to improve their knowledge and quality of live in order for them to gain the confidence to impart this skill into the lives of others. The guy in the image (left) is demonstrating water skills to others who aren’t included in the picture. They could be younger, older or of a similar age. The age isn’t as important. The fact that he’s sharing his strengths with others, that is what is makes this image special and noteworthy. A man doing a job that is commendable and noble. An inspiration to us all.

Naked hugs!

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