Friday Footnote: Bare and GLBTQ Potpourri

There are many blogs that I regularly follow. Some are strictly bare-related and others are are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) oriented. Believe it or not, there are even a few that are very similar to ReNude Pride and regularly focus on the same gender loving (gay) and bare communities simultaneously. Often, these excellent publications offer posts that are directly related to articles that have recently posted here. The purpose of this Friday Footnote feature here is to offer everyone reading here the opportunity to read the perspectives of others.

For those readers who have followed this site since its inception may remember Kenn, the author of the blog, Nudist Planet. Kenn was the very first blogger to be featured here in an interview. To visit Kenn, look him up in the Page Of Fame here on ReNude Pride by clicking here. This past week, Kenn offered an insightful and interesting interview with one of his readers, Michalis from Greece who offered this inspirational quote of being bare: “Love your body and get naked everywhere.” 


Mihalis (shown above) is a very out and proud gay Greek nudist. To read his interview and for more images of his nudity, click here to be directly linked to his interview.


RobFather X (pictured above) is my esteemed brother blogger and bisexual nudist friend who composes the site, Real Time, Expressions from the mind of RobFather X. This past weekend he published a post featuring Carolyn Franklin, a younger sister of the late, great singer, Aretha Franklin. What many people don’t know about the younger Franklin is that she identified as lesbian. Carolyn died in 1988 and was involved in her own musical career. RobFather X’s post shares her career and defends her detractors who were upset over her sexuality being shared in tributes to the late Aretha Franklin. To read his article, click here: Real Time. I think you’ll find this post most interesting and enlightening. Proof that homophobia is alive and well in the USA.


The next site that I want to refer readers to is Pace of Mind Blog that originates from “the land Down Under” (Australia). He offers a feature every Monday entitled Man Crush Mondays that introduces to us, his readers, to an excellent subject each and every Monday throughout the year. This past Monday, his daily selection featured Russell Tovey, a proud and outgoing gay actor in the UK (pictured above). I’ve seen Mr. Tovey’s face many times but never knew his name. Now that mystery has been solved! Here’s the link to take you directly to his post: Pace of Mind Blog Man Crush Monday.The author is gay and although I don’t really know his clothing status, he has written posts about being nude on-stage to benefit a charity event.


Kishna is the author of the blog, We Are The GayteKeepers. I want to mention here that his is one of the very first blogs that I began reading when I first began blogging eight years ago, We were both blogging on at that time. He lives with his partner, Noel, in the Bahamas. A openly same gender loving man and an occasional bare practitioner himself, his blog features news and information relevant to our international gay community. This past Monday he blogged a post concerning the links between gay male loneliness, depression and high-risk sexual behavior. Click here to be directly linked to his feature: We Are the GayteKeepers A New Study Links Gay Male Loneliness With High Risk Sex. Another insightful post he shared on Wednesday is: We Are the GayteKeepers A Modern Gay Mans Guide To Cruising.

Please note that the photo above is not Kishna and Noel but is one featured with his blog article.


My final recommendation for this post is to the blog-site, Naturist Fab, created by Fabien. He lives with his husband, John, in Canada. Not only is Fabien an author and blogger, he’s also an artist who’s openly gay and a naturist/nudist (even though his spouse doesn’t practice bare living). In the above cartoon, Dan (a bare practitioner) and Johnny are in the midst of planning their wedding when Johnny learns that his parents were nudists before his birth. Johnny is somewhat reluctant to embrace the clothes free life of his beloved Dan, as the cartoon title exemplifies. Fabien’s cartoon regularly appears weekly in the online magazine, ClothesFreeLife. To link directly to  Fabien’s blog, click here: Naturist Fab

To end on a celebratory note, same gender loving is now legal in India! The Indian Supreme Court voided Section 377 that outlawed homosexuality as unconstitutional. Congratulations to everyone in India for this accomplishment! Equality marches forward!


Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride

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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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  1. Once again (and as usual) I am both grateful and humbled by you mentioning my blog “Real Time”. I appreciate it! I thank you for mentioning several other blog of interest, too! I will check out the ones which I’m not already following. Thanks again. Naked hugs, my friend. 😎

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