S’Naked is a combination of the words “snow” + the word “naked,” combine the two together and s’naked is the result. The activity is nothing more than being out in the snow while naked, nude or clothes-free (boots or shoes are allowed). “What does one do in the snow?” Anything that you care to do! Build a snowman, throw snowballs, lie down and create “snow angels” by waving your arms, building a bonfire. Any number of activities may be done while s’naked! Be creative!


When I first met my spouse, Aaron, in May, 2010, we spent time sharing what we liked to do while clothes-free, a common occurrence for two bare practitioners (naturists or nudists) meeting for the first time. I indicated to Aaron that I enjoyed being s’naked. He was unfamiliar with the term and wanted to know what it meant. I explained what it meant and he was immediately aghast! “You mean you’re bare-assed naked outdoors in the snow?” 

I affirmed that was, indeed, what I meant. “It’s fun and it isn’t as bad as you imagine,” I added.

“No way you’ll ever get my Black ass naked in the snow!” he exclaimed.

I did. He did. Nowadays, once we have our first snowfall, Aaron is begging to go outside and be s’naked. Not only has he convinced his only biological brother to join us, but the two of them have improvised their own special dance to perform in the snow. They love it! True, both their parents were born in Canada, so it may be in their genetic make-up.


Over the years of enjoying being s’naked, I’ve compiled a list of hints to pass along to others doing this activity for the first time. This list is by now means all inclusive but just some helpful ideas to enhance your pleasure.

  1. It’s best to time the duration of your s’naked experiences. The very first time should be about 10 minutes and increase gradually thereafter.
  2. If planning to strip on-site, have a waterproof container to place your discarded clothing with you. Wearing wet clothes after s’naked increases the chances of frostbite. Otherwise, strip indoors and then go outside.
  3. Generously apply body lotion, all over, before being s’naked. The cold air drys the skin.
  4. It it is a sunny day, remember to apply sunscreen liberally all over your body.
  5. Do not attempt s’naked if under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Alcohol and drugs impair both judgment and mobility, causing risks and other unnecessary harm.
  6. Cover the body extremities: head, hands and feet. The body’s extremities are susceptible to both frostbite or worse.
  7. Be aware of the wind-chill. These can cause temperatures to vary accordingly and can hasten any hazardous effects in just a few minutes.
  8. Be aware that the cold causes shrinkage of the penis and testicles. They shrink closer to the body seeking warmth. There’s no need to be alarmed when this occurs.

Your body communicates with you. If something doesn’t “feel” the way it should, chances are it isn’t. Seek heat and shelter as soon as possible.


The colder the weather encourages the body to exert itself to generate warmth. This is all natural but be aware that your normal level of energy and endurance will be reduced when the temperature drops. It isn’t a good idea to s’naked solo (alone).

S’naked is essentially winter’s version of skinny-dipping. Snow is nothing more than frozen precipitation. Skinny-dippers are encouraged to swim with at least one friend along. The same policy applies to s’naked. If a person slips in the snow or worse, ice, it is a good practice to have a buddy or partner there with you in the event the injury is more than a person alone can handle.

S’naked is best experienced if in fresh snow or new snow. Otherwise, pet owners have allowed their four-legged pets outside to “do their business” and failed to clean-up after themselves. Once snow begins to melt and re-freeze, it becomes hazardous and loses some of its photogenic qualities. Likewise, it may be hazardous to our health.


This winter has not been the best of winters for any s’naked play, at least where we live in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region. The really only decent snowfall that we received was in early December, 2018. The accumulation amount of snow that fell was a complete surprise to us all, especially the meteorologists who had predicted a much lighter storm. The disruption to people’s winter holiday plans meant that panic ensued as everyone hurried about frantic to stay on schedule and avoid falling behind their planned shopping and parties.

From personal experience, I have learned that keeping a dry blanket (protected from the snow) convenient is always a good idea. If the wind starts blowing, it can guard against the wind-chill. It can also be used to trap body heat walking back inside. If someone slips on ice, it can be used to cover the injured while help is being summoned.

Our tolerance for cold temperatures varies from person to person. There is no magical or set temperature where the body can’t continue to function. Each person needs to determine their own level of comfort.

I don’t s’naked if the outdoor temperature is below freezing. At that point, at least for me, the discomfort simply isn’t worth the effort. Also, the temperature is warmer in the sunshine rather than in the shade. The leaves may not be on trees and offering shade, but the buildings do block the sunlight and usually a chill.

I do, however, encourage everyone who’s curious to try s’naked at least once and then decide for yourself. Of course, snow is required!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

8 thoughts on “S’Naked!”

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  2. I remember reading a s’naked article you wrote last year or sometime long before this one. I enjoyed reading this article – and studying the fine pics too, just as I did that previous one! Thanks for sharing your naked experience in the snow as well as for the advice! 👍🏾
    While I’d love to be naked outdoors, my choice of a comfortable outdoor environment in which I can nude, is one which features: a blue sky, bright sunlight, green or blue-green grass, leaves on trees, new living plants, and cool, running streams, rivers and/or lakes – OR me sitting on the beach near the ocean; all under the pleasant temperatures of 70 degrees or higher. (This doesn’t mean that I will play in mud or dirt while naked in such warm temperatures.) I can tolerate cool, not cold temps. I stopped liking snow and anything like it (e.g., sleet, hail) sometime back in the late 1980’s.
    And so Roger, the snow and cold is all yours and Aaron’s, my friend! I’d prefer to watch you two naked kids play and have fun in the snow. I’ll either stand on the side somewhere, bundled up in warm sweaters and winter outerwear, or I’ll watch you guys (while naked) from a window in a warm house or other dwelling. When you guys get done “s’nakinging around”, I’d be more than happy to use MY very warm, sexy mouth and body to hug and warm up each and every part of your cold naked bodies! *snickers*
    Naked WARM hugs, my friend! 😁

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    1. To be completely honest, Rob, we’d prefer the warmer and summer temperatures over snow anytime. The hotter the better! 🙂 By the time the snowfall arrives, we’re usually tired of being confined indoors while bare. That’s why we engage in the outdoor winter version of skinny-dipping – a brief “break” from the indoor routine! By the way, we’ll take all the WARM hugs even on the hottest day of the year! Only from you, my friend and bare buddy! Naked hugs! 😉


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