March Transitions…

One of the aspects of the month of March that I really appreciate is that it is always a time of transition, of going places, of movement. It is the month where, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere we begin in the season of Winter and by the end of the month we are undergoing the change into the season of Spring. The outdoor temperatures may not always reflect the difference but mentally, we know that it is happening.

Whereas March may usually start similar to the image above, it ever so slowly brings changes that lead us to a scene almost as promising as the one below. The water level may be high, but the promise is there as this guy wanders along the riverfront. The return to foliage and flowers isn’t that far away!


The meteorological beginning of Spring-time is today and the astronomical start of the Spring season is on March 20. The astronomical seasons are based on the tilt of the earth’s axis in its pattern around the sun. The meteorological seasons are grouped by months, hence March, April and May comprise the Spring season. The use of the meteorological arrangement is useful to meteorologists and climatologists when comparing seasons to one another and data accumulation.

Rarely does our weather change overnight so the differences between the beginnings of the meteorological Spring and the start of the astronomical Spring are very minor. The temperatures and the weather are almost always similar for both dates. With that being the case, the opportunity to be outside and bare for either of the beginnings is a rare and unusual occurrence.

March is not only for our transition from the Winter into the Spring. Here in the USA, it also is a time for our entry into the daylight saving time (DST) formula. This involves the addition of daylight time into our days which allows us the opportunity to have longer sunlight every day. Our activity schedules in the evening now have more daylight as the weather outside begins to become warmer, thus allowing us the freedom of pleasure.

The time change occurs on Sunday, March 10. At 2:00 a.m., we all change our clocks ahead one hour to 3:00 a.m. That’s done on a Saturday which gives everyone Sunday to adjust to the change before we all resume a week of either school or work.

March also marks the beginning of the Easter Lenten time for Orthodox Christians (on Monday, March 11, this year) as well as Western Christians (on Wednesday, March 6, this year).  This period of fasting, penance and reflection prepares followers for the dramatic and joyous feast day of Easter and the renewal of their faith and beliefs.

For my spouse, Aaron, and myself, we use the month of March as a time to transform us from our Winter selves into our Spring mode. During the colder spell, we tend to keep ourselves home as much as possible. Once the weather begins to change, the daylight gets longer and the temperature warmer, our social nudity blood begins to flow and we find ourselves returning to our life as enthusiastic bare practitioners.

Other same gender loving guys may use the transition time to put away clothes from one season and bring out clothes for the new season. That isn’t a major task for Aaron and myself as our clothing, no matter what season, is minimal. Except for outer-gear, our indoor clothing is generally the same. Work wardrobes are basically identical, no matter the season of the year. Our dress or formal clothing are not seasonal nor is our casual attire. These we do not organize into seasonal storage but just keep them convenient throughout the year.

March also provides transitional opportunities for employment and daily tasks. These vary from individual need, comfort, frequency and usefulness. They differ from location to location and are too many and too specific to elaborate here.

Additionally, there are other countless professional, group and personal variances in routines that happen throughout March. Again, these instances are too many to name and document here. These are but the smaller variants of the major occurences listed above. No matter the significance, all factor into the heading, “March Transitions.”

March has many transitions. It helps to get us all exactly where we need to go!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Author’s Note: University Spring Break is the week of March 9 – 17, 2019. I am going to Greece to visit my mother who’s having difficulty coping with my father’s death this past November, 2018. I will post cartoons on ReNude Pride while I’m gone that week. The cartoon posts will be on March 11, 2019, and on March 15, 2019. Naked hugs! ~Roger

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  3. I didn’t think there was anything particularly special about March, but you’re right, it’s a time of transition and that is kind of beautiful on its own!


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