Aaron’s Brother: Cedric

Virtually all of us have a friend who is casually interested in our pleasure of nudity, is curious about our clothes-free schedule and social life and accepts our lifestyle. This person may even support our choices but remains a member of the textile or clothes-wearing world. Once Aaron (my spouse) and I began living together and he became more active in his bare practicing, his oldest and only brother, Cedric, started to really take an interest in what we were doing.

Aaron had told me that Cedric had supported his participation in social nudist functions even before the two of us got together. When Aaron had first moved to the Northern Virginia area, Cedric would visit him and occasionally hang out naked with him in his apartment. Aaron also shared with me that he thought his brother might be bisexual from different instances in their past. At this time, in 2010, Aaron and I were living together as a couple, we were not married.

When Aaron moved in with me, he frequently invited Cedric to come up and spend the weekend with us. Cedric always managed to have some type of commitment on whatever weekend he was asked. After almost a year, that changed.

Cedric sent to me an email confirming that he would visit us on the Memorial Day weekend. He planned to arrive around mid-day on Friday and would stay until noon on Monday. He offered to bring anything that he could, food or refreshments. All he needed was a list. I replied that for this, his first visit, we’d take care of the meals. We were planning on visiting a clothing optional beach for Saturday – Aaron and I would both be bare but he could wear his swimsuit with no problem.

The night before Cedric was due to arrive, I spent hours making sure that our home was not only welcoming but sparkling clean. This was my very first meeting with Aaron’s brother and I wanted him to feel comfortable, relaxed and above all – appreciated. I needed to double check every part of our condo to ensure that we were giving Cedric a favorable impression.

Cedric arrived late the following morning. We welcomed him into our condo and as he walked in, he glanced at the both of us comfortable and clothes-free. He stood in the center of our home and proceeded to offer details on what inspired this visit to see us. As he was talking, Aaron was translating his thoughts into American Sign Language (ASL).


Cedric admitted that he was becoming very relaxed and enthusiastic about being nude. He grew familiar with being without clothing when he was at Aaron’s apartment before the two of us had become a couple. As Aaron had shared with him that I was also a bare practitioner, he’d spent most of the past year getting familiar with nakedness and especially social nudity. He then proceeded to strip out of his clothing and join us in our nakedness.

At this point, Aaron told Cedric to hold his thoughts so he could finish signing to me. At this time, he then signed to me that Cedric must be serious as hell about his being nude as he had never seen me in person before. I nodded my head and continued to stare at the comfortably yet confidently bare Cedric. Aaron resumed his stare at his brother.

Cedric then continued his announcements to us. He’d been to several local nudist parties and had really enjoyed himself. He next told us that he’s making new friends with his fellow nudists and is becoming aware of various naked opportunities that he can join into. His enthusiasm was obvious as well as his being proud to fill us in with his new life.

I was amazed that my partner’s brother, who had been so reluctant to come visit us, was now actively and confidently giving us both an accounting of his excitement with what was becoming his new outlook and experiences with his new living arrangements. All of this without any questions as to my background or to what Aaron and I were doing. It was like the two of us were just there as his audience.


Cedric had arrived at lunchtime and by this time, it was now well into the early afternoon. The three of us were all happily bare and completely comfortable with one another. Aaron suggested that we fix sandwiches and eat at home. As we were busy preparing our food, Cedric asked if either of us had any questions about what he’d told us.

During our lunch, Aaron did have a few items of his brother’s clothes freedom that he asked about. Cedric did his best to address each and every question but with each one he thought of a new and unmentioned aspect of his bare lifestyle that he needed to inform us. This, in turn, led into an incident that he needed to add. Each question my partner asked soon generated additional questions.

Soon, Aaron and I were exchanging glances and subtle grins. The obvious energy that Cedric was placing in exchanging himself with us reflected the enormous amount of pride he felt both in his nudity and with his new naked friendships. I remember thinking to myself that it was good it was a holiday weekend for this visit. Cedric would have entertained us the entire time he was here!

After lunch, I cleaned the dining room letting the two brothers to have some time alone in our living room. This would provide me with some time without distractions so that I could contemplate my impressions and reactions to meeting Cedric and learning all this about him. This would also permit me time to formulate some questions for him.


I finished the dining room and joined both brothers in our living room. Aaron gave me a brief synopsis of what I had missed. Cedric then asked if I had any concerns or questions regarding his experiences thus far in his nudist life. I replied that I would listen to what he had to say completely and then offer my thoughts and questions.

Cedric then begged for more attention. He opened with the fact that the past year had resolved most of the discrepancies he had experienced in his own sexual life. From secondary school and throughout university, he had always considered himself a bisexual man. He felt physically attracted to both sexes. Now that he was becoming more familiar and active within the nudist community, that consideration of bisexuality was no longer true for him.

Cedric now sees himself as an exclusive same gender loving (gay) man. He no longer has any feelings of attraction for women.

He’s also been dating one man regularly for the past three months. Yes, they have been sexually active together and yes, they are both comfortable in either sexual position, top or bottom. They were happy together and by the autumn they were going to look into moving in together.

I looked over at Aaron. His mouth was open and his chin almost reached to the floor. I then made eye contact with Cedric and gave him a “thumbs-up” sign. We both then looked back to Aaron.

His mouth remained open and his chin almost reached the floor. He remained in this position for about 15 additional minutes. Cedric’s latest news stunned him!

The remainder of that Friday was spent giving Aaron and Cedric the space to have their own conversations regarding his sexual attraction and Aaron’s reaction to it. I felt that my presence just might infringe on their brotherly dialogue.

That Saturday, as planned, we drove Cedric to the naked beach. He continued to share with us episodes of his incidents with gay nudity and information on his current romantic man. While we were bare at the clothes-free beach, he did ask about our lives together and personal experiences. He was particularly intrigued as to how we met and the fact that we’d only met two hours before we spent our first night together. That situation continues to amaze him even to this day.

The remainder of that Memorial Day weekend was totally anticlimactic to Cedric’s arrival announcements. That was great very detailed information that he shared with us and since that weekend, he and I have become very close friends in addition to being legal “brothers-in-law.” He was Aaron’s “best man” at our wedding on August 15, 2015.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


Author’s Note: University Spring Break is the week of March 9 – 17, 2019. I am going to Greece to visit my mother who’s having difficulty coping with my father’s death this past November, 2018. I will post cartoons on ReNude Pride while I’m away that week. The cartoon posts will be on March 11, 2019, and on March 15, 2019. Naked hugs! ~Roger



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13 thoughts on “Aaron’s Brother: Cedric”

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  2. it is naturally that anyone is living naked is wanting to live in any place with nude people to look at them to talk with them to suggest to go naked to any place full of nude or naked people ,he cannot live alone naked .

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  3. I really love this story! I’ve gotten glimpses of Aaron’s brother through your writing before, but this entry being completely dedicated to his story was really nice. Also, hubba-hubba, what a nice looking guy. And with a head on his shoulders, too! His boyfriend is a lucky guy.

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      1. Hey, I’ve never seen Aaron’s brother Cedric! I’m missed that. Link me, please. I wanna see him too! LOL! 😏

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  4. An awesome story, Roger! It’s always refreshing when other people – particularly those who are our relatives, can respect who we are as individuals – especially our sexuality, and in doing so, find themselves feeling more at ease with revealing who they are as individuals – even with revealing their own sexuality. I mean, it’s just us humans being human! And learning or coming into one’s own about one’s individuality and/or sexuality is not necessarily always about sex itself, nor does simply being nude with or around other people we know, love or like have to be sexual. (This is something which I often find myself having to explain to people who learn that I enjoy being nude whenever I’m home or, I some instances, am driving long distances on a warm day). I could go on and on about all the negative shit we both know other people (prudes) tend to judge us nudists, naturists, and/or non-heterosexuals for but there’s no need to “preach to the choir”, so to speak. I just wish more people – especially our relatives, were like your brother-in-law Cedric, and weren’t so judgmental. All my best to Cedric for his new journey of living his truth! I very much enjoyed reading your story! Naked hugs, my friend.

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    1. Your thoughts on the assumptions of others who – for whatever reason – are uncomfortable with us bare practitioners are very honest and true, Rob! I am grateful for you sharing them here. Some people are too quick to judge and are often too indifferent to accepting others for being who they indeed are. Much love, many naked hugs and a gentle tug, buddy! 😉

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