Photo-Post: Floral Tributes!

Upon the return of Spring every year, people almost everywhere are fascinated with the amazing reappearance of nature. The barren days of Winter are officially over as the natural abundance of nature starts to grow and to decorate our environment. No matter how many Spring-times we’ve managed to survive, the renewal of our natural world offers most of us hope and happiness. The drab wilderness that we survived is returned to life again!


The explosion of foliage this time of the year and the warming outdoor temperatures encourage the majority of us to carefully begin to shed some or all of our clothing and to feel the sunshine on our bare skin. No matter if we’re simply shirtless or completely naked, we welcome sunshine back into our lives, particularly after a cold and dreary winter.


The initial days of Springtime aren’t completely warm, but by the time that the month of April arrives, it rapidly becomes obvious that the change is now upon us. The days become warmer outside and when the sun does shine, the temperature is often psychologically higher than what it appears on the thermometer. Another one of the many joys of the fresh, new season!

The early growth of leaves on trees can offer chances for some amazing pictures. The barren landscape and our barren bodies work together to suggest the advantages of both the new season into both our personal and environmental lives.


Flowers and blooms are considered by many to be a steadfast symbol of Springtime. The often colorful and unique blossoms are used by many for decoration and bare practitioners are notorious for using them to adorn their bare bodies. This phenomenon encourages today’s posting.

This posting celebrates the arrival of Spring’s floral tributes. It also offers some very dynamic ideas for this year’s seasonal photography. The accompanying photographs may get creative juices flowing and encourage viewers to try some new poses for pictures this year, either as a selfie or in posing for a friend as photographer.


Most of us don’t object to being captured on film (or camera card) with flower blossoms. When posing bare with flowers, don’t be shy in allowing others to see a complete likeness of your nudity. It often enhances the image more than you appreciate!

Having a picture taken while nude surrounded or beside blooming flowers reinforces the ideal of being completely natural in nature. It represents the compatibility of clothes freedom and natural beauty. Nudity and flowers are in harmony and in many instances the presence of the blossoming plants honestly distract the attention of viewers from human nakedness to the floral images.


By freely posing for photos without shying away from our full nudity, it also allows us the opportunity to utilize nature to wrap some mystery into our naked poses. This enhances not only the photo but our posing ability as well. It also helps to encourage other friends to try nature and nudity themselves! Many times persons looking at our photographs equate any natural modesty as an element of the proverbial fig leaf and are happy for its usage.


Photo images of our buttocks rarely invoke the use of leaves in imitation of a fig leaf. The buttocks of both genders are practically identical so any attempt at modesty is unnecessary.. Enjoy Springtime and remember to make some notes for your special seasonal photographs! Be bare and have fun!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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