A LOVE-ly Weekend!

This is not a very lengthy posting today. This past weekend both my spouse, Aaron, and I celebrated our birthdays. Aaron’s day is April 5 and my own is April 6. This year Aaron had to work on his birthday and fortunately for me, mine was on Saturday and I had no classes to teach. The result was a complete two days, both Saturday and Sunday, with just the two of us together at home!


We spent much of both days in bed – although we didn’t necessarily sleep the entire time. We had our intimate moments both days as well as time communicating with one another and remembering our first birthdays together and the resulting chaos and confusion when we had difficulty deciding where to go out to eat! The laughter that we shared was almost as fun as the time we actually lived our first birthdays!

Both Saturday and Sunday, we ate every meal in a different restaurant. Aaron is the cook in our home and as he had to work on his day, I decided well in advance that my spouse wasn’t going to spend our celebration in the kitchen. I also didn’t want us to have to suffer through any meal that I’d prepared! So it was out to eat whatever we wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The extra benefit was that there were no dirty dishes or special “clean-up” required after any of our meals!


One aspect of dining out both days was that once we’d finished our meal, we were both anxious to head back into our home. There was no interest in shopping, going by to see friends or even in including our friends to join us for a meal. This was perhaps one of the very few weekends that we spent totally isolated from the rest of the world. We shared our feelings about this with one another and, surprisingly, we both enjoyed the weekend together without anyone else involved!

Not that we have any anti-social tendencies. We enjoy being with our family and friends and the opportunities of social nudity. However, it has been a very long time since we’ve been fortunate enough to spend two days together and alone. That’s what has made this past weekend so very special and unique for the both of us! It was a happy birthday gift that we shared with one another!

This past weekend birthday celebration was primarily the idea of my spouse, Aaron. He approached me with the reminder that it was my first birthday since the death of my father in November, 2018. He knew that it would be a fun day but one with many sad feelings and some depression. His sensitivity and thoughtfulness and my own emotional turmoil convinced me to embrace his ideal and enjoy our birthdays his way!


As usual, his concept was very beneficial and worked out the best for the both of us. I did have several moments on Saturday, my birthday, where I became somewhat depressed and shed a few tears. But Aaron gave me space and supported me through those times.

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride




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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

13 thoughts on “A LOVE-ly Weekend!”

  1. Awesome! I had no idea that Aaron’s birthday was right before your own, Roger! So-o-o-o…Happiest [belated] Birthday to Aaron too!
    I’m very happy to learn that the two of you spent some very important “we time” together. Congratulations!
    I must admit my envy for same-gender happy couples like you and Aaron. Having been divorced for 12 years from a woman, and having never once dated a man, I often fantasize about what that would be like; to actually meet him who is willing to love me and accept not just the good side of who I am but my bad side too (which I doubt I have). Every year as I get older – and lonelier, I fear that I may never again know true love, respect, trust, romance and happiness on an intimate level. I think my “chance-at-love” card” is fully punched. So yeah, g… cherish and enjoy each and EVERY moment you have and can have with Aaron. All my best to the continue togetherness, love, and happiness you both have and share!
    Much love, naked hugs, and a gentle tug to each of you!

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    1. Thank you very much Rob for your wishes to us both here! I also am grateful for your birthday greetings to me on my birthday on MeWe! You are one helluva friend, Rob! 🙂 You know, when Aaron and I first met, I had just completely decided to forget ever finding another man and just focus on building friendships. The, BAM! We met at a social nudity function and have been together ever since. So sometimes, when you least expect it, you DO meet a special man! Thanks for all your friendship and best wished, Rob! 😉 Much love, many naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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