Photo-Essay: Sun Stripping!

This year, April has been especially mild and the nice weather is allowing many to get an early beginning to being bare and bold outside in the sun! My spouse, Aaron, and I are among the many who are taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity and getting ourselves a significant amount of the unseasonable weather and the sun’s warming rays! We are both lathering ourselves in sunscreen!


For many of us who consider ourselves “heated” bare practitioners, the affection that we have for the sun and solar heat is matched with our love of the freedom of nudity. For Aaron and I both, the hotter the better and all the more reason for wearing nothing whatsoever. All that we truly need is plenty of sunscreen and water and we are easily content for the entire day!

Stripping in the sun is a fun activity especially when involving more than just one person. Aaron usually attempts to gather my discarded gear and hide them from me. I can never quite figure out why this is such an obsession of his and now I’ve stopped wondering altogether and simply grab his in order to return the favor!


Nude resorts and beaches are the best places to strip in the sunshine without a care in the world. While there, it is totally normal to publicly remove any and all clothing and remain unconcerned about who may be watching. Other places, in particular public areas, a necessary amount of caution is needed. The general public isn’t as supportive of public nakedness as many of us would hope.

However, even at clothes-free resorts and beaches, attention must be paid to wear the unused garments are placed and stored. Be very attentive to where keys, wallets and other valuables are placed. The safest place is locked inside the vehicle and out of sight from the windows.

I keep a single car key with me. If I’m at the beach, I keep it attached to the underside of my beach towel using a safety-pin. Otherwise, when I’m out and about with my spouse and or other bare friends, I use a lanyard and wear it around my neck or wound around my wrist or ankles. Using these methods, I don’t lose it and no one else has the chance to steal it or my vehicle.


A little precaution is well worth using to guarantee the security of both transportation and of valuables. It also allows the continued enjoyment of both friends, nudity and my spouse! Of course, not everyone is overly concerned over the security of their possessions. For those who aren’t, I wish them the best.

I do keep sunscreen with me wherever I am bare, beach or elsewhere. Sunscreen isn’t that expensive and I’d not be too inconvenienced if someone took what I have with me. I always try to bring two containers of sunscreen so that if one does get taken, I do have an alternate supply. It may seem strange but I’ve never had any sunscreen stolen from me! Others have borrowed some, but have always returned it!

Aaron has shared an experience with me that he had when he loaned his sunscreen to others during his first visit to Haulover Beach in Florida. He let another gay couple borrow his tube of sunscreen lotion and then forgot all about it. Once he walked back to his hotel, the borrowing couple rushed up to him and apologized for not returning his lotion to him! It was only during their conversation afterwards that they confided to him that they had noticed him in the facility’s dining room the evening before. They, like himself, were guests at the same hotel! They also mentioned that he was the first African-American nudist they had ever seen!


When Aaron first told me this story, I asked him if he inquired of them how long they had been bare practitioners or even where they originated. He admitted that he didn’t really ask them anything – he just wasn’t interested in pursuing an acquaintance with either one of them. He did see them back on Haulover Beach later that week.

My spouse is generally very friendly and sincerely tries to be helpful. Although, once someone does comment on the topic of race, he has a tendency to limit his interactions. He’s not comfortable discussing the issue with those he’s unfamiliar with or he doesn’t know – no matter whether they’re naked or not! I understand this and support his position.

In the USA, the subject of race is not always an easy topic to engage in with people one doesn’t know. Racial attitudes are often passed from one generation to the next and it simply isn’t possible to determine a person’s outlook upon meeting them. Sometimes, caution is used when becoming acquainted in order to allow a person to explore the circumstances before entering into a new friendship.


Bare practitioners, however, are almost always kindred spirits during the springtime season. The sun and the warmth encourages our nudity and greatly enhances our camaraderie with others. We managed to survive the inconveniences of the winter and welcome the resurgence of both nature that surrounds us and our own nakedness in our attitudes and our spirits! The sunshine and the warmth give us enough reason to enjoy the freedom of being without the burdens of clothing!

This springtime, while out exploring nature or hiking riverside on a sunny day, try something new and fun. Strip off your clothing while allowing the sunshine to warm your soul. Let the fresh air envelop your skin. It just might be an experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again!

Spring is here,

there’s the urge in the air,

to get naked with friends, anywhere!

Everyone knows,

the desire to be free,

go ahead, shed your clothes, enjoy nudity! 

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride







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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

6 thoughts on “Photo-Essay: Sun Stripping!”

  1. Excellent article, Roger. Thanks for pointing out how some people, at least in certain social environments, can be a bit uncomfortable with either being with and/or around people of color. I must admit though, many people in my particular ethnic group of color (Black) do not always make it easy to be sociable with either. Sad but it’s a fact of life in America.
    Anyway, you’ve mentioned some great nudist area personal and personal property safety precautions – some of which ought to be “common sense” but were still good to mention anyway.
    Naked hugs and a gentle tug, my friend. 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    1. As always Rob, your thoughts and reactions, as well as opinions and other ideas, are always welcome here! All of our communities need to be racially and culturally sensitive. None of us ever walk along the same paths in life. However, the different trips make life itself all that more fascinating! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug, my friend! 😉


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