Skinny-Dipping Success!

As much fun as skinny-dipping (swimming naked) can be, there are a few considerations to keep in mind whenever we bare ourselves for an outdoor swim. Both the sunshine and the water hold the promise of a fruitful and happy experience, as humans, we also know that disaster often happens without reason and warning. Being aware of certain situations beforehand often enhances our chances of a successful skinny-dipping outing!



Alcohol and Drugs May Affect Our Swimming

Without trying to remind us of all the detriments substances can cause us, it is important for each and everyone of us to remember that just as drugs and alcohol have dire consequences while driving, they also have similar results on our mobility and thinking. If our coordination is seriously impacted, it could possibly lead to serious injury and/or death. The same is true if swimming bare or if wearing a swim suit.

Twin, Alex, my identical twin brother, and I both had a secondary school classmate friend die the weekend after our secondary school graduation. He was skinny-dipping with friends in a local river, drinking beer and slipped on a rock-climbing venture. He bled to death after injuring his head in the fall. He was 18 years old.

Regardless of how we may feel when we consume alcohol while swimming, wearing a swimsuit or not, we all need to remember that alcohol and drugs can hinder both our ability and our knowledge. Both of those substances affect our mobility and that fact can seriously endanger our lives and our well-being.

If you perchance have the opportunity to skinny-dip with a group of friends, it is always best to have at least one in the group who agrees to refrain from any alcohol or drugs. This enables the rest of the party to enjoy themselves while the one who abstains monitors the situation and each person’s abilities.


Remember Where You Store Your Clothing and Valuables

This should be a matter of common sense yet almost every time that Aaron, my spouse, and I go with friends skinny-dipping, it never fails that at least one of them misplace either their clothes or automobile keys. Often it isn’t a permanent loss but it does take valuable fun-time for everyone to stop what they’re doing and look for the misplaced items.

We usually always store our clothing before we enter the water. This enables us to monitor where we place our clothes and helps to reduce the risk of misplacement. When Aaron and I are out with others, only one of us carries a vehicle key. We usually keep the key safely pinned inside the pocket of our swimsuit. Pinning it inside the pocket greatly ensures that the key is both safe and secure. It practically eliminates the possibility of the key accidentally falling outside the pocket.

Aaron and I both store our clothing – usually just a swimsuit – on a nearby tree branch when we’re skinny-dipping in a natural body of water. Locally, these are the only bodies of water where we are able to skinny-dip. There are no clothing-optional resorts or pools where bare swimming is allowed. At the riverside or lakeside, by keeping our swimsuits or shorts above the ground, we significantly reduce of a stray dog or other animal dragging our swimsuit off to a different site. This hasn’t happened to me personally but we do know others who have experienced this. 

Of course, when skinny-dipping in a pool at a clothing-optional resort, it isn’t a worry about storing the swimsuit out of the reach of animals. Almost all pools restrict pets and other wildlife from the pool area but the curiosity of children then becomes a factor. If not closely monitored by responsible adults, children sometimes manage to become intrigued by the discarded swimwear of others and occasionally not return them to the place they found them. This often causes a dilemma for the person(s) who removed them from their bodies.


Do Not Skinny-Dip Alone

This suggestion isn’t always applicable to those skinny-dipping in a man-made pool at a naturist/nudist campground or resort. Pools are usually attended by professional lifeguards who’s job is to supervise the pool area and all those swimming in the premises. Practically all lifeguards are seriously concerned with the safety of everyone.

Pools have filtered water that is transparent. Any obstacle or anything dangerous is easily visible from both above and below the water.


Natural bodies of water, such as beaches, lakes, ponds and rivers do not have the filtering capability. The water contains natural debris as well as human discarded items. The water in these natural bodies isn’t readily transparent. This is the major reason that skinny-dipping  is not recommended for these sites. Any natural or man-made hazard isn’t visible and a serious injury, or worse, is often possible. That is the major reason that skinny-dipping is strongly discouraged at these locations.

Naked hugs!

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