Bare Beach Play!

Now that the First Day of Summer, 2019, has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere (11:54 a.m. EST, Friday, June 21, 2019) there is no better way to honor the occasion than to offer a beach posting here on ReNude Pride. With the same gender loving (gay) and bare practitioner (naturist or nudist) themes featured here, it is only appropriate that this entry celebrate that dual purpose both visually and in writing.

Combined with the gif. images posted here, I’ll offer a definition of terms used to describe the environment that our frolicking couple are enjoying. Of course, it goes without explaining that they’re both proudly clothes free (swimsuit free) and have no shame in sharing their bodies with anyone and everyone! They’re having a good time being themselves and that’s all that’s really important!


nude beach is a location where no clothing is allowed or permitted. Everyone present at the site is completely bare with only a very few limited exceptions (basically law enforcement and/or emergency responders). The integrity and privacy of the nude beach guests is the priority of the location. Other terms used to identify the type of facility are bare beach, clothes free beach, naked beach or textile free beach.


clothing-optional beach denotes a location where the guests are allowed the option of nudity or the wearing of a swimsuit or appropriate covering. The guests are generally not segregated because of their nudity or lack thereof. Men may access the site wearing nothing, a basic jockstrap only or wearing a swimsuit. Women are permitted to appear topless or in a swimsuit or nude. Everyone wears whatever amount, if any, of covering that they’re comfortable in. Some clothing-optional beaches do separate the clothing beach from the bare beach.


mixed or a mixed-attire beach is one that is open to the general public and offers segregated choices to the guests in attendance. Those who prefer the freedom of being bare are restricted to a certain area that allows complete or partial nudity. The remainder of the location is for use by guests wearing swimsuits. The two differing groups of guests do not share the same area. Interaction between the bare practitioners and the clothes wearing guests is limited to the “common” area where all must be dressed. Strict enforcement of the attire policy is in full effect for the entire location.


A clothes only or restricted beach is a location that requires everyone to wear either a swimsuit or other appropriate attire. Men may be shirtless but the women may not. Even children must adhere to the required covering policies, no matter what their age is. This is the most popular type of beach offered throughout the world even though it is the most discriminating and restrictive environment.


For fellow bare practitioners – such as yours truly – it is important to investigate the type of beach that you are planning to visit beforehand. Know your destination prior to arrival and spare yourself any discomfort or surprises once you arrive. The summer season is already short enough without adding any additional concerns or hassles!

A very friendly and gentle reminder to lather yourself in sunscreen before and during a visit to the beach. Protecting oneself is a habit that many neglect or intentionally overlook. One skinny-dipping adventure every summer doesn’t permit a whole lot of freedom and pleasure! The vast majority of us want as much bare enjoyment as possible!

For everyone who lives in the Southern Hemisphere, the same message is applicable to you. The difference for you is that you now have until the month of December, 2019, to prepare for your summer fun!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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