The Northern Hemisphere: Longest Day of Sunlight

Today is a remarkable day on this planet known as Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere (north of the Equator) it is not only the very first day of the season of Summer, 2019, it is also the longest day of sunlight in the annual calendar.  If that isn’t enough notoriety, today is also World Naked Hiking Day! Thus, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is possible to skinny-dip (swim naked) and to hike bare (clothes free) both on the same day!

Of course, participation in one or both of the above mentioned activities greatly depends on the local weather conditions and local societal norms. Humanity still has quite a bit of progress to achieve in order for those of us who are bare practitioners to enjoy and to fully experience all the nudecentric (bare or nude focused) activities and events observed today!


Needless to mention, World Naked Hiking Day isn’t merely restricted to residing in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a “world” event open to everyone no matter which continent or hemisphere they live in! The only restrictions applicable are those based on Mother Nature (the weather)!

The above photo for this posting here on ReNude Pride features my friend, fellow bare practitioner and same gender loving blogger, Kenn, the author of the site, Nudist Planet. Kenn, as some of you may remember, was my very first interview published here on this site. Please click onto the title of his blog to read his post on World Naked Hiking Day and don’t forget to look at his interview here by visiting his information on the Page of Fame  (click link to view). Please plan to join Kenn, Aaron (my spouse) and myself in a naked hike anywhere you’re able to do so, today!


The first day of Summer, 2019, is most definitely – in the Northern Hemisphere – an important date but even so, for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, the date is equally notable as theirs arrives every year in the month of December. The arrival of summer, whenever it occurs, also means the return of skinny-dipping (nude swimming) outside in the bodies of water lit by the sun.

In today’s world, the popularity of indoor pools no longer restricts the joys of skinny-dipping to only natural bodies of water. Indoor pools enable that pleasure to be engaged all year long, regardless of the outdoor weather! So feel free to now strip out of the swimsuit, lather-up in sunscreen and splash around in any body of water – indoors or outside!

In honor of today being the longest day of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, it is indeed appropriate to celebrate it as the longest day of outdoor nudity without artificial lighting. As long as possible, be bare and commemorate your clothes freedom! There’s no time like the present to make the moment count!




Just so everyone knows, Aaron and I plan to take an enjoyable skinny-dipping session after hiking naked today. There’s nothing better than to relax in the sunshine after a vigorous hike in nature!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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4 thoughts on “The Northern Hemisphere: Longest Day of Sunlight”

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  2. In Sweden the Midsummer celebration is the heyday of the year! The sunrise comes very close to the sunset, daylight almost 24 hours. The traditions of Midsummer festivities dates back to the Viking era, but are transformed to joyful parties with family and friends. Lot of good food and, yes, also some drinking (but for myself no alcoholic beverages, that ruins the treat).
    For me it’s skinny dipping day every day during summer! I’m blessed with a creek in my garden and every morning starts with a dip, regardless of weather conditions.

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