Surprise Social Nudity!

Social nudity is a term often used to describe a social environment or setting where most, if not all, of the interacting (socializing) persons are voluntarily bare or clothes free. It is not to be confused with a situation where nakedness is mandatory or required whether the gathering or assembly is also mandatory or required. Social nudity is a free choice made by all the participants at the event or gathering.

The heading photograph for this particular posting here on ReNude Pride features an all bare group of men, except one. Whether he’s wearing clothes by choice or if he’s wearing them because of modesty we will never know for certain. His textile (clothes wearing) appearance is further defined as his decision in the attached gif. image below.


He exhibits no effort or desire to remove his swimsuit whatsoever in the action gif. image above. It apparently makes no difference to him that his friends are stripping out of their swimsuits all around him. Either he isn’t comfortable in being bare with others or he has some very serious concerns over his anatomical endowment.

Most of us who are bare practitioners (naturists or nudists) are accepting of those who are not comfortable with nudity wearing their clothes when they are around us, even if they are the only ones who aren’t naked. We understand that it is an entirely personal decision and that each person is entitled to follow their own personal standards.

Social nudity sometimes depends upon a person’s level of comfort or trust of others. There are some bare practitioner friends of Aaron, my spouse, and myself who prefer not to be clothes free around someone that they aren’t acquainted with. Aaron and I may question this in private but when we are with these friends we accept this eccentricity and allow them to follow their feelings and instincts.


The above photo depicts my friend, Adimu Mawzi, and myself along the riverside where I frequent during the summertime. It isn’t patrolled by law enforcement as this particular area is all privately owned and I and others have to owner’s permission to visit there and to lounge as we are: bare practitioners! During most of the summer, I know all of the other bare practitioners at this location, as does my spouse.

However, back in 2011, a new man began visiting the site and often was wearing clothes, basically a pair of cut-off jeans and maybe a T-shirt that he usually discarded when he would lay in the sunshine. To cool off on hot and humid days, he would wade into the water often and then return to his blanket or towel.

On one day, in August, 2011, he and I were the only two men on the riverside beach. He spread out his towel and became comfortable reading a book and laying in the sunlight. On this particular day, his towel was conveniently close to mine. I went for a brief swim and then began walking back to where my towel was located. As I approached my gear, I looked over to where this man was laying and noticed his bare buttocks – he had completely removed his shorts and was as bare as he was born!


I very casually and surreptitiously grabbed my camera and took the above photo of this guy. Aaron and I had both noticed him before but neither of us had witnessed him without his cut-off jeans. I wanted to have this image to show to Aaron that night when he came home after work.

He looked over at me when I lay down on my towel and I smiled and waved to him. He returned my wave, nodded his head and started reading his book again. Soon, he stood and walked to the river, still nude, and totally without any embarrassment or shame.

Soon, my buddy, Darren Schledt, arrived at the beach and he wasted no time in stripping off his swimsuit and spreading his towel out beside mine. Darren and I spent about ten minutes conversing with one another using ASL (American Sign Language). The Darren spotted this newly-nude man laying very close to our towels.

Darren immediately ran over to him, rolled him over and began laughing with him as they both embraced in a giant hug! Darren then grabbed his hand and brought him over to meet me. This “long-lost” friend of Darren’s name is Kalvin Alderson and even though he is hearing, he is fluent in ASL as both of his parents are Deaf.


As my camera was still convenient, I captured the above image of Darren and Kalvin. As our conversation continued, I learned that Kalvin, like Darren and myself, is also same gender loving and that he had noticed both Aaron and I along the riverside together several times during the summer. He isn’t a modest person but he doesn’t like to be bare if he doesn’t have at least one person around that he knows.

Although Darren had invited Kalvin to the riverside earlier that particular summer, this was the first time they had been there at the same time. Author’s Note: Darren is by no means the most reliable in letting others know that he’s coming to the nude riverside beach. Kalvin then admitted to me that as he’d seen me there many times before, especially with Aaron, he knew from his previous visits that I was a nudist and if I was there with Aaron, I didn’t have any prejudice against African-Americans. As Kalvin and I were the only two men riverside that day, he felt comfortable removing his shorts with me there.

The three of us spent the remainder of that afternoon together and bare. We had as much fun in being there by ourselves as many others do in a large crowd, whether clothed or not. Our fun was primarily in all three of us being bare as it was in becoming better acquainted with one another!


In the above picture, Kalvin captured Darren and I together. The sign that I am making is the international “I love you” sign. Darren and I have been friends since August, 1998, when we first met at the riverside beach property. At that time, Darren was much less comfortable in his nakedness than he is now. Currently, Darren is living with his romantic partner. Unfortunately, his partner isn’t so comfortable being publicly nude.


Darren took this photo of Kalvin and I posing together. The sign I’m making is the same international “I love you” from the image of Darren and I. I really don’t know why Kalvin was protruding his tongue, I know that he wasn’t trying to stick it inside my ear! Kalvin currently lives close to Aaron and I in an apartment located in Falls Church, Virginia. He works in a local restaurant.


A fitting statement on all of us being the men that we are, same gender loving (gay) and proudly bare (clothes free). This ideal fits along nicely with the theme of today’s post!

Naked hugs!

Roger/ReNude Pride


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A same gender loving (gay) bare practitioner (nudist) who invites you to explore my blog. At times I may appear irreverent but I am in no way irrelevant!

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    1. elsayedismail : Fellow Nudist Brother,
      I hear your plea about wanting to enjoy MORE freedom to in the naked nudist style. If anyone wishes to have an open & free form – anything one wants to feel the freedom to privately speak about nudist urges/experiences/ideals — please let’s have nudist chat privately.
      Hope to hear from my fellow nudist brothers on here.
      Naked Johnny (profile)

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  2. Hey All My Nudist Brothers:
    Hope your summer is as nudist naked as is possible in & out of doors. Spend as much time living openly naked Body Free as you need. Make drugs need to be satisfied. Live butt-assed naked and openly free with your nudist buddies.
    Naked Johnny

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